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Cut4 Him+ Cream 200ml

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4+ Nutrition Cut4 Him+ Cream 200ml. This unique formula contains caffeine, carnitine, horse chestnut and fucus, giving it both thermogenic and draining properties.

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4+ Nutrition - Cut4 Him+ Cream - IAFSTORE.COM 4+ NUTRITION - CUT4 HIM + CREAM
Slimming body cream

Cut 4 Him + Cream is a gel emulsion designed specifically for human needs.
Its thermogenic and draining action based on caffeine, carnitine, horse chestnut and fucus favor circulation, drainage of liquids and prevent the accumulation of localized adiposities.
The particular formulation of the extracts of ivy and horse-chestnut, conveyed in liposomal form, allows a more rapid and enhanced absorption. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin, preserving its elasticity and countering the signs of aging.

Caffeine is an excellent ally against cellulite due to its draining, detoxifying and antiedematous actions. Stimulates the mobilization of fatty acids in adipose tissue, giving a lipolytic action to support the thermogenic one.

Equally interesting is the action of carnitine on the metabolism of fatty acids. By facilitating consumption, it helps to reduce the percentage of body fat, remodel the body, tone the skin and reduce the unsightly appearance of cellulite.

The horse chestnut tree carries out its main actions through the saponins and flavonoids contained in it. Saponins act on capillary permeability, increasing its resistance and elasticity, while flavonoids are essential for capillaries. These actions are of particular importance to counteract the alterations of the microcirculation caused by cellulite. In addition, saponins have anti-inflammatory effect, improve lymphatic drainage, increase venous pressure and inhibit the destruction of vitamin C.

Like the horse-chestnut, also the ivy is known for the draining and stimulating activity of the microcirculation thanks to the presence of triterpenic saponins and flavonoids. For the stimulation of blood circulation also useful Capsicum that through the action of capsaicin stimulates and increases the blood flow locally and in addition to take advantage of the beneficial action of the flavonoids contained.

The remodeling, slimming and reducing capacity of the fabric is used for the fucus. Thanks to the presence of alginates, it has a good moisturizing, emollient and protective action.

+ DIRECTIONS: apply a generous quantity of product on the interested areas of the body massaging until completely absorbed.

+ PRECAUTIONS FOR USE: do not use on children. Do not swallow. Do not use in case of sensitive skin or intolerance to ingredients. Keep out of reach of children. Rinse your hands well after use and avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Use on intact skin. Avoid exposure to the sun after application.

+ NET CONTENT: 200ml

+ Store in a cool, dry place away from light.

Customer Reviews (1)

Azione molto intensa. Già…
by USER ID 1848 on 19/12/2018
Azione molto intensa. Già dalla prima applicazione si avverte una sensazione di forte caldo sulla porzione di pelle interessata