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Trichology Lab Dietary Supplement - Man 50 tablets of 850mg

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Alta Natura Trichology Lab Dietary Supplement - Man 50 tablets of 850mg

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Alta Natura - Trichology Lab Dietary Supplement - Man - IAFSTORE.COM

TRICHOLOGY Lab Food Supplement - Woman
The reconstituent food supplement for women's hair
Trichology Lab gives strength, strength, combability and volume to the hair, assists the physiological cycle of hair growth, nourishing and helping the regrowth, acting on hair and hair bulb. The active ingredients contained in the micronized powder of Spirulina favor a support and restorative action, while the Millet acts on the well-being of nails and hair. With the addition of dried Soy, Fenugreek and Hops extracts.

Alta Natura - Trichology Lab Dietary Supplement - Man - IAFSTORE.COM How to use: it is suggested to take 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet in the evening.

Net content: 42.5g

Storage method: store in a cool and dry place, away from light .

Contribution of herbal components Tablet content
For maximum dose (2 tablets)
VNR% *
L-cystine 200 mg 400 mg -
Hops and 0.1% flavonoids
64 mg (extract)
0.064 mg (flavonoids)
128 mg
0.128 mg (flavonoids)
Fenugreek es tit. E / D: 1: 4
64 mg (extract)
128 mg (extract)
Millet es tit. E / D: 1/4 64 mg (extract) 128 mg (extract) -
Hydrolyzed keratin 50 mg 100 mg -
L-methionine 50 mg 100 mg -
Spirulina powder 34 mg (powder) 68 mg (powder) -
Soia es tit. 40% isoflavones 16 mg (powder)
6.4 mg (isoflavones)
32 mg (powder)
12.8 mg (isoflavones)
Zinc oxide
of which Zinc
6.25 mg
5 mg
12.5 mg
10 mg
Folic acid
0.1 mg 0.2 mg 100
Selenium L-methionine
of which Selenius
0.068 mg
27.5 μg
0.136 mg
55 μg
Vitamin H
0.025 mg 0.05 mg 100
Ingredients: L-Cystine, Hops ( Humulus lupulus L. strobilius) and 0.1% flavonoids, Fenugreek ( Trigonella foenum-graecum semen) es tit. E / D: 1/4, Millet ( Panicum miliaceum L. fructus) es tit. E / D: 1/4, Hydrolyzed keratin, L-Methionine, Spirulina ( Spirulina maxima thallus) powder, Soy ( Glycine max L. Merr. Semen) es tit. 40% isoflavones (contains soy and soy derivatives), Zinc oxide, Folic acid, Selenium L-Methionine, Biotin (Vitamin H).

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