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Bee Radiant- Crema Segni dell'Età - Texture Ricca 50ml

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Apivita Bee Radiant- Crema Segni dell'Età - Texture Ricca 50ml. Apivita Bee Radiant - Signs of Age Cream - Rich Texture prevents and repairs the signs of aging. Anti-fatigue and anti-pollution.

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Apivita - Bee Radiant- Age Signs Cream - Rich Texture - IAFSTORE.COM
Apivita Bee Radiant - Signs of Age Cream - Rich Texture prevents and repairs the signs of aging. Anti-fatigue and anti-pollution.
  • Multidimensional mechanism that reaches a new level in skin protection and regeneration. A velvety cream with white peony and proprietary propolis extract that prevents, delays and repairs the signs of aging (fine lines, wrinkles), revealing a smooth, luminous, uniform and rested skin.
  • Improves the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, offering hydrated, more elastic and younger-looking skin, thanks to the patented propolis extract, vegetable glycogen and natural glycine.
  • Protects from external environmental aggressions thanks to the patented propolis extract. Controls hyperpigmentation of the skin, offering a more even and radiant appearance, thanks to the barley extract. Reveals healthy shine and freshness thanks to white peony extract.
  • Rejuvenate your skin and mood with essential oils of ginger, lemon and rose. The water in this composition has been replaced with a wild rose-infused antioxidant.
DIRECTIONS: it is recommended to apply daily on cleansed skin of the face and neck, avoiding the eye contour area.
STORAGE: keep tightly closed in a cool and dry place
INCI: Acqua, Trigliceride Caprilico / Caprico / Succinico, Triheptanoina, Gliceril citrato / Lattato / Linoleato / Oleato, Propandiolo, Glicerina, Olio di Olus / Olio vegetale / Huile Végétale, Burro di semi di Theobroma Cacao (cacao), Poliacrilato Crossarypolosimero-6 Burro di Parkii (Karité), Estratto di Propoli, Estratto di Paeonia Lactiflora / Estratto di Fiori di Paeonia Lactiflora, Estratto di Frutta di Rosa Canina, Estratto di Hordeum Vulgare / Extrait de Semence d'orge, Succo di foglie di Aloe Barbadensis in polvere, Olio di fiori di Rosa Damascena, Zingiber Officinale Olio di radice, olio di buccia di agrumi limoni (limone), olio di semi di Helianthus annuus (girasole), pantenolo, ialuronato di sodio, acetato di tocoferile, bisabololo, glicogeno, oleato di sorbitano, tocoferolo, allantoina, ciclodestrina idrossipropilica, palmitato di citribitanico, sorvolato palmitato palmitato di citrilbitammato Idrossiacetofenone, gliceril glucoside, disodio EDTA, PEG-100 stearato, citronellil metilcrotonato, etilesilglicerina, sodio idrossido, profumo / fragranza, benzil salicilato, esil cinna mal, limonene, linalolo, idrossicitronellale, alfa-isometil ionone, citronellolo, geraniolo, alcool benzilico, cumarina.

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