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Enerboost EnXtra™ NewCaff™ 60 capsules - ALPHAZER

ALPHAZER Enerboost EnXtra™ NewCaff™ 60 capsules € 17,94 on special offer € 29,90

Minimum price of the last 30 days: € 11,96
Votes: 3 Alphazer® Enerboost EnXtra™ NewCaff™ 60 capsules. Enerboost EnXtra™ NewCaff™ is a dietary supplement based on NewCaff™ time-release microencapsulated caffeine. With the addition of Alpinia Galanga, "Enxtra®", an innovative botanical extract capable of improving and maintaining the attention threshold for more than five hours, without any alteration in heart rate or pressure variation.

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