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DERBE DerbeSport - Docciasciampo Gel 200ml € 11,70 € 13,00

Votes: 2 Derbe DerbeSport - Docciasciampo Gel 200ml. A unique body wash with many properties. It imparts freshness and a natural look, gently cleansing the entire body including the most delicate body parts.

HELAN Vetiver & Rum - Shampoo Doccia Gel Profumato 250ml € 11,00

Votes: 4 Helan Vetiver & Rum - Shampoo Doccia Gel Profumato 250ml. This formula contains selected vegetable detergent substances, enriched with proteins extracted from Wheat, putting together shampoo and shower bath into one product.

HELAN Vetiver & Rum - Saponetta 100 grams € 4,50

Votes: 5 Not available Helan Vetiver & Rum - Saponetta 100g. Raw materials and ancient soapmaking techniques are alive once more in this natural soap which is perfect not only for daily cleansing but also for soft, scented skin.