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Body Treatments

Body Treatments
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GUAM Duo Trattamento Corpo Riducente Uomo € 23,62 € 29,90

Votes: 2

SOMATOLINE COSMETIC Somatoline Uomo Addominali Top Definition € 20,93 € 29,90

SOMATOLINE COSMETIC Somatoline Uomo 7 Notti Pancia e Addome € 27,93 € 39,90

Votes: 27

DERBE DerbeSport - Olio per Riscaldamento 100ml € 11,70 € 13,00

Votes: 7 Derbe DerbeSport - Olio per Riscaldamento 100ml. Oil enriched with natural active principles that stimulate, tone and warm muscle masses before any sport activities. It acts by rising the temperature of the treated area which increases blood flow.

DERBE DerbeSport - Gel Corpo 150ml € 10,80 € 12,00

Votes: 4 Derbe DerbeSport - Gel Corpo 150ml. A relaxing and refreshing gel with natural active principles: butcher's broom, horse-chestnut, helicrysum, echinacea.

IODASE Iodex Uomo Fosfatidilcolina Rimodellante Total Body € 25,25 € 29,70

Votes: 4

SHISEIDO Men - Deep Cleansing Scrub 125ml € 24,75

Votes: 3 Shiseido Men-Deep Cleansing Scrub 125ml

4+ NUTRITION Cut4 Him+ Cream 200ml € 20,00 € 25,00

Votes: 3 4+ Nutrition Cut4 Him+ Cream 200ml. This unique formula contains caffeine, carnitine, horse chestnut and fucus, giving it both thermogenic and draining properties.

FGM04 Studio 54 Gel Men 200ml € 27,99 € 39,90

Votes: 7 Fgm04 Studio 54 Gel Men. Cosmetic gel with 54 active ingredients with functional toning, draining, elasticity, nourishing, antioxidant designed to assist the contrast of imperfections derived from localized fat on the abdomen and hips.

FGM04 Lipo Fosfatidicolina Forte 10x10ml € 42,75 € 57,00

Votes: 16 Fgm04 Lipo Fosfatidicolina Forte. Impact cosmetic oil, easily absorbed, with 6% of phosphatidylcholine for the contrast of imperfections caused by localized fat.

FGM04 Lipo Fosfaglutatione Siero Men 150ml € 33,75 € 45,00

Votes: 2 Fgm04 Lipo Fosfaglutatione Siero Men. Is a functional cosmetic serum with a high percentage of pure phosphatidylcholine and l-glutathione that has the dual effect of protecting the skin from aging

FGM04 Lipo Fosfatidicolina Gel Men 200ml € 29,93 € 39,90

Votes: 13 Fgm04 Lipo Fosfatidicolina Gel Men. It is an innovative cosmetic with a prolonged effect that counteracts in a targeted manner the typical male imperfections caused by localized fat that focus mainly on the abdomen and hips.

IODASE Iodex Addominali Forte Uomo € 28,74 € 33,80

Votes: 5 Not available