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On IAFStore there are slimming and firming products that help to tone the buttocks and legs for every type of skin at every age.

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COLLISTAR Pure Actives - Collagen Cream Balm 50ml € 29,75

Votes: 1 Collistar Attivi Puri - Crema Balsamo Collagene 50ml. An extraordinary Collistar product with an exceptionally concentrated, pure and effective active ingredient.

PHARMALIFE Argan 30% 75ml € 10,50 € 17,50

Votes: 2 Pharmalife Research Argan 30% 75ml. Argan 30% is a cream with a high concentration of functional plant substances, is an innovative product characterised by the presence of 30% of argan oil effective in counteracting wrinkles and loss of tone, hinder the aging process, regenerating damaged skin from the action of free radicals, strongly desquamated and dehydrated.

HELAN Elixir Anti Aging - 50 + Voluform and Red Vine - LIFTING SERUM RIGENERA 30ml € 24,00

Votes: 4 Helan Elixir Anti Aging - 50 + Voluform and Red Vine - LIFTING SERUM RIGENERA 30ml. New vigor and youth in this impalpable super energetic and focused. The Lifting Serum is a fluid product, in effect instantaneous, pleasant application, a true epitome of activity with a dual action