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Chips 5 bags of 23 grams

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Enerzona Chips 5 bags of 23g. EnerZona Chips 40-30-30 provide a significant amount of protein and is rich in fiber while maintaining a great taste.

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Enerzona - Chips - IAFSTORE.COM

Soy snacks

EnerZona Chips 40-30-30 provide a significant amount of protein and is rich in fiber while maintaining a great taste.

Protein helps to maintain muscle mass. If you've chosen the Zone nutritional strategy but don't want to give up chips, Enervit's scientists have developed a new, crispy idea: EnerZona Chips 40-30-30, the only soy-based chips that are in the Zone, non-fried and rich in protein and fiber. It's a snack you can sink your teeth into!
The accurate choice of raw materials and the use of innovative technology has allowed for the creation of the small and irresistible golden chips that do not contain potatoes and provide carbohydrates, protein and fat in the 40-30-30 ratio (the caloric distribution percentage of macronutrients - carbohydrates, protein and fat). EnerZona Chips 40-30-30 contain oleic acid (9.9%), an unsaturated fat. The substitution of saturated fats with those that are unsaturated contributes to maintaining normal levels of cholesterol in the blood. This product should be used as part of a varied and balanced diet as well as a healthy lifestyle.
Enjoy EnerZona Chips 40-30-30 at any time during the day, for a snack, while on the road, with friends - you can finally say yes to the pleasures of tantalizing chips. Enjoy a break and stay in the Zone. EnerZona Chips 40-30-30 has 40% less fat compared to regular savory snacks.

NET WEIGHT: 115 grams

Mean analysis (Classic)

Per 100 g

Per bag (23 g)


Energy value

423Kcal / 1773KJ

98Kcal / 410KJ


30.4 g

7 g


39 g

9 g


0.8 g

0.2 g


13.7 g

3.2 g

Saturated fat

1.3 g

0.3 g


10.8 g

2.5 g


0.64 g

0.15 g


Ingredients: Soy protein (35.8%) - Rice flour - Corn flour - Sunflower oil (high oleic acid content: min. 75%) - High amylose starch (corn) - Flavoring - Resistant dextrin (from corn) - Salt - acidity regulator: sodium diacetate - Antioxidant: rosemary extract.

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