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Lipo Fosfaglutatione Siero Men 150ml

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Fgm04 Lipo Fosfaglutatione Siero Men. Is a functional cosmetic serum with a high percentage of pure phosphatidylcholine and l-glutathione that has the dual effect of protecting the skin from aging

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Too often we underestimate the importance of the condition of our skin. It is the largest part of our body and is one of the primary resources in the elimination of toxins allowing the body to function normally.
Aged skin is reluctant to absorb the active ingredients included into various formulations that every day we put on it. External ageing is closely related with the skin ageing. It is caused by both the general physical condition (we refer to the ageing of internal organs) and by the action of various external agents such as radiation of sun and lamps, smog, smoke, alcohol, drugs, stress and diets very rich in protein.
Even an active lifestyle is not free of side effects, in fact intense physical activity increases the production of free radicals and not always our body is able to neutralize the excess of free radicals bringing them back to a state of equilibrium. Free radicals are the real "killer" of cell structures and are considered responsible for skin ageing.
To keep free radicals in a situation of equilibrium can help you carve out moments of relaxation to lower stress, make a steady and moderate physical activity without ever reaching the fatigue (that produces up to 50 times more free radicals, which can last for several days), follow a good diet rich in foods with antioxidants and use cosmetic preparations rich in active ingredients with an anti-radical action.
Glutathione is the most important natural antioxidant produced by our body. So it's a deactivator of free radicals and it has a strong anti-aging action. It protects cells, tissues and organs of the body being able to keep it young.

Product Features

Is a functional cosmetic serum with a high percentage of pure phosphatidylcholine and l-glutathione that has the dual effect of protecting the skin from aging making it more receptive to the active principles included in the formulation, and to counteract effectively the imperfections caused by localized fat. Glutathione is the most important natural antioxidant (free radical deactivator) produced by the body and it has a strong anti-aging action. It protects cells and tissues being able to keep the body young. Phosphatidylcholine emulsifies fats (breaks them down into very fine) to allow them to be eliminated more easily. Particularly suitable for an even stronger action, it is the combination with FOSFADRINK food supplement.

Method Of Use

Apply on the target area performing a circular massage until absorption twice a day. When physical activity is performed is highly recommended to use it before and after the workout. The ease of absorption allows to use it in combination with electrical stimulation.

Recommended For...

...for those who inevitably undergo daily stress that cause skin aging (smog, solar lamps, smoke, etc.)
...for those who suffer from dryness
...for those who want to keep their skin young and elastic.


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