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Dren Plus

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Guam Dren Plus 500 grams. Effectively reduces skin blemishes caused by swelling and water retention, fights free radicals by improving skin tone.

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Guam - Dren Plus - IAFSTORE.COM


Effectively reduces skin blemishes caused by swelling and water retention, fights free radicals by
improving skin tone.
ESCIN: horse chestnut saponin, has a favorable action on edema and capillary resistance. Adjuvant in the treatment of cellulite. To prevent or reduce swelling, venous dilation and a feeling of tiredness or heaviness in the legs.
 PHYTOTAL SL: synergistic complex of Verbena, Elderberry and Cloves: these plants are rich in draining and decongestant active ingredients useful in the treatment of retention and subcutaneous inflammation linked to cellulite. Verbena: contains tannins, mucilages and verbascoside; the latter in particular acts by facilitating the drainage of stagnant liquids in the skin tissue. Elderberry: rich in mineral salts, mucilage, chlorogenic and caffeic acid, flavonoids, it has a diuretic and decongestant action on skin tissues. Cloves: rich in mineral salts and flavonoids, its topical application has an antiseptic action.
CALENDULA EXTRACT: rich in triterpenes, flavonoids, polysaccharides, carotenes and phytosterols. The marked soothing properties are to be attributed to the presence of flavonoids and mucilages. Flavonoids accelerate epidermal turnover and promote the activity of dermal fibroblasts by promoting collagen synthesis.
FENNEL ESSENTIAL OIL: used as a natural remedy to add to creams or vegetable oils to firm the skin, reactivate circulation. It is also useful in case of dull, mature skin, edema and cellulite.
ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL: it is extracted from the peel. The beneficial properties of this oil are to be found in a strong smoothing and rejuvenating action, useful against cellulite and the first stretch marks.

DIRECTIONS: apply Guam Dren Plus Seaweed Mud evenly, with a light massage on the affected parts (legs, buttocks, arms). Wrap with common transparent kitchen film (thanks to this "protective veil" it is possible to carry out every daily gesture at home with tranquility). Leave on for 30-40 minutes. Rinse with warm water. We recommend the combination with "Butter Scrub Dren". * cellulite: skin imperfection and adiposity of the skin.


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