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On IAFStore there are products with skin lifting effect for which means that these remedies help against signs of aging.

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PHARMALIFE Argan Pure - Cleanser 200ml € 8,58 € 14,30 Pharmalife Argan Pure - Cleanser 200ml. Gentle cosmetic treatment for cleansing the face, eyes and lips.

PHARMALIFE Aspersina Pure Slime Spray 50ml € 11,94 € 19,90 Pharmalife Aspersina Pure Slime Spary 50ml. Cosmetic product with a resolutive action formulated with a maximum percentage of very pure snail slime.

COLLISTAR Ultra-lifting Cream For Face And Neck 50ml € 31,50 Collistar Ultra-lifting Cream For Face And Neck 50ml. Much more than an anti-ageing cream, it contains in the heart of its formula the pure essence of youth. As soon as applied, thanks to Tens-Activ®, it ensures an immediate lifting effect that minimizes wrinkles and defines the contours of the face.

DR. ORGANIC Organic Cocoa Butter - Day Cream 50ml € 17,18

Votes: 1 Dr. Organic Organic Cocoa Butter - Day Cream 50ml

DR. ORGANIC Organic Cocoa Butter - Night Cream 50ml € 17,18 Dr. Organic Organic Cocoa Butter - Night Cream 50ml

PHARMALIFE CollagenaT - Siero Active 30ml € 18,90 € 31,50

Votes: 1 Pharmalife CollagenaT - Siero Active 30ml. Amazing facial serum rich in active ingredients that effectively contrast the signs of aging

PHARMALIFE CollagenaT - Siero Pro-Density 15ml € 14,70 € 24,50

Votes: 2 Pharmalife CollagenaT - Siero Pro-Density 15ml. Innovative facial serum concentrated and full of functional substances, ideal for hollow and atonic skins that show an evident loss of density, elasticity and brightness.

PHARMALIFE CollagenaT - Maschera Viso Sensitive 75ml € 17,40 € 29,00

Votes: 3 Pharmalife CollagenaT - Maschera Viso Sensitive 75ml. Specific anti-age cosmetic treatment indicated for the most delicate and demanding skin.

PHARMALIFE CollagenaT - Maschera Viso Filling 75ml € 19,50 € 32,50

Votes: 1 Pharmalife CollagenaT - Maschera Viso Filling 75ml. Specific anti-aging cosmetic treatment indicated for mature skin with evident cutaneous relaxation and marked wrinkles.

PHARMALIFE CollagenaT - Crema Viso Age-Defend 50ml € 21,00 € 35,00

Votes: 7 Pharmalife CollagenaT - Crema Viso Age-Defend 50ml. Specific anti-aging facial treatment with a fresh and light texture, ideal for all skin types.

PHARMALIFE CollagenaT - Crema Viso Sleeping Beauty 50ml € 18,30 € 30,50

Votes: 5 Pharmalife CollagenaT - Crema Viso Sleeping Beauty 50ml. Specific facial treatment ideal for mature skin needing a proper supply of nutrients.

PHARMALIFE CollagenaT - Siero Renew 15ml € 15,90 € 26,50

Votes: 2 Pharmalife CollagenaT - Siero Renew 15ml. Extraordinary facial serum ideal for dull, atonic and stressed skin that requires energy and support.

PHARMALIFE Argan Pure - Anti-Age Face Cream 50ml € 18,00 € 30,00

Votes: 5 Pharmalife Argan Pure - Anti-Age Face Cream 50ml. Exceptional anti-aging cosmetic treatment, designed for mature skin needing support and an adequate supply of nutrients.

PHARMALIFE Argan Pure - Olio Crema 200ml € 16,20 € 27,00

Votes: 2 Pharmalife Argan Pure - Olio Crema 200ml. Innovative cosmetic treatment that contains all the nourishment of precious moisturizing oils in a soft, light and quickly absorbed cream.

PHARMALIFE Argan Pure - Olio Secco 100ml € 20,70 € 34,50

Votes: 1 Pharmalife Argan Pure - Olio Secco 100ml. Prestigious treatment with a silky and velvety texture, not greasy and quickly absorbed.

PHARMALIFE Aspersina - Rigenera Plus 50ml € 27,90 € 46,50

Votes: 1 Pharmalife Aspersina - Rigenera Plus 50ml. ASPERSINA RIGENERA PLUS is an intensive face treatment ideal day and night; its formulation has been enriched with natural extracts useful to promote hydration and improve the overall appearance of facial skin.

PHARMALIFE Aspersina - Beauty Booster 30ml € 18,60 € 31,00

Votes: 7 Pharmalife Aspersina - Beauty Booster 30ml. ASPERSINA BOOSTER OF BEAUTY is a specific serum, indicated in case of tired, atonic skin with a dull complexion.

ZUCCARI [AloeVera]2 - Anti-Aging Mask 4 sachets of 20ml € 13,37 € 19,95 Zuccari [AloeVera]2 - Anti-Aging Mask 4 sachets of 20ml. With the ANTI-AGE range of the Linea [aloevera] ZUCCARI, your skin will be more hydrated, nourished, protected and revitalized every day.

PHARMALIFE Aspersina - Barcode Intensive Serum 15ml € 15,00 € 25,00 Pharmalife Research Aspersina - Barcode Siero Intensivo 15ml. ASPERSINA BARCODE intensive serum specifically for peri-fashions: applied regularly morning and evening reduces and smoothes perioral wrinkles with intensive smoothing effect visible in a short time.

DR. ORGANIC Organic Dead Sea Mineral - Anti Aging Stem Cell System 30ml € 26,18

Votes: 7 Dr. Organic Organic Dead Sea Mineral - Anti Aging Stem Cell System 30ml. An anti-aging skin rejuvenator for firming, revitalising, moisturising and improving skin texture.

DR. ORGANIC Organic Snail Gel - Cream 50ml € 26,18

Votes: 6 Dr. Organic Organic Snail Gel - Cream 50ml. This exceptional face cream is formulated to quickly absorb into the epidermis, restoring the natural moisture levels of the skin to help soothe and revitalise, leaving a luxurious feeling of firmness, tone and hydration.

ZUCCARI [AloeVera]2 - Anti-Aging Face Cream 50ml € 20,10 € 30,00

Votes: 9 Zuccari AloeVera2 - Crema Viso Anti-Age/ Anti-Aging Face Cream 50ml. Minimizes the signs of aging and uneven skin tone. With Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Coenzyme Q10 and Solar Filter.

ZUCCARI [AloeVera]2 - Face Serum Anti-Age 30ml € 26,80 € 40,00

Votes: 7 Zuccari AloeVera2 - Siero Viso Anti-Age/ Face Serum Anti-Age 30ml. Prepare your skin for the next treatment, evens, smooths and brightens. With Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Coenzyme Q10.

ZUCCARI [AloeVera]2 - Aloe-Oil 50ml € 6,67 € 9,95

Votes: 9 Zuccari AloeVera2 - Aloe-Oil 50ml. Specific treatment. Scars, stretch marks, aging, dehydration, acne marks.

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