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On IAFStore there are products for the face imperfections. These remedies help to cleanse and moisturize the skin by supporting the normalization of the hydro-lipid layer.

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BIODERMA Matricium 30 vials € 47,61 € 69,00 Bioderma Matricium 30 vials. Sterile solution for topical use that contributes to cell renewal and supports the natural regeneration process of skin tissues.

SOMATOLINE COSMETIC Vital Beauty - Routine Protettiva Potenziata 50 ml + 50 ml € 32,31 € 35,90 Somatoline Cosmetic Vital Beauty - Routine Protettiva Potenziata 50 ml + 50 ml

BIODERMA Sébium Sensitive 30 ml € 12,17 € 16,90 Bioderma Sébium Sensitive 30 ml. Bioderma Sébium Sensitive is a soothing and anti-imperfection treatment for sensitive and fragile acne skin. SeboRestore technology (Fluidactiv-Bakuchiol patent) rebalances the composition of the sebum to restore its moisturizing and protective functions and to prevent the appearance of new long-lasting imperfections.

SOMATOLINE COSMETIC Vital Beauty Booster Rigenerante Notte 30ml € 17,00 € 34,00 Somatoline Cosmetic Vital Beauty Booster Rigenerante Notte 30ml. Vital Beauty Booster Regenerating Night is a highly concentrated active booster, based on 4.5% Glycolic Acid which renews, detoxifies and exfoliates the skin.

BIONIKE Defence Boost - Concentrato Antiossidante 30ml € 31,96 € 39,90 Bionike Defence Boost - Concentrato Antiossidante 30ml. From the first applications the skin appears brighter and the signs of fatigue are reduced. Used daily, it evens out the complexion and helps to reduce lines and wrinkles for a smooth and revitalized skin. Alcohol-free.

BIONIKE Defence Boost - Concentrato Rinnovatore 30ml € 31,96 € 39,90 Bionike Defence Boost - Concentrato Rinnovatore 30ml. Concentrated treatment formulated with the innovative combination of retinol and tocotrienols, phytonutrients that promote collagen synthesis and help prevent photo-aging. From the very first applications the skin appears smoother and more toned. Used daily, it refines the skin texture and helps visibly reduce wrinkles and discoloration. Nickel tested, without preservatives, gluten-free, fragrance-free.

BIONIKE Defence - Tolerance Maschera Lenitiva 50ml € 17,21 € 20,25 Bionike Defence - Tolerance Maschera Lenitiva 50ml. Softening complementary treatment that gives immediate relief, reduces skin redness and helps reduce capillary fragility. With moisturizing and soothing active ingredients, this mask promotes a feeling of skin well-being.

ISDIN Nutradeica Gel Crema Viso € 12,67 € 14,90

Votes: 3

BIONIKE Defence - Xage Skinergy 30ml € 35,96 € 44,95 Bionike Defence - Xage Skinergy 30ml. Formula with a fresh, velvety and rapidly absorbed texture, with a high concentration of Rejuvenate SGF ™, an exclusive complex which, by stimulating the fundamental growth factors of the skin, gives new energy and acts on all the signs of aging, even the most pronounced. Thanks to special soft-focus microspheres it makes the complexion immediately brighter and refines the skin texture, perfecting it.

BIONIKE Defence - Mask Instant Pure Maschera Nera Purificante 75ml € 16,92 € 19,90 Bionike Defence - Mask Instant Pure Maschera Nera Purificante 75ml. Rinsing mask formulated with a high concentration of clays and bamboo charcoal , with sebum-absorbing properties, to effectively counteract skin shine and help reduce pores dilation. With a creamy texture, instantly purified, matte and smooth skin.

BIONIKE Defence - Mat Lozione Astringente Riequilibrante 200ml € 13,20 € 16,50

Votes: 1 Bionike Defence - Mat Lozione Astringente Riequilibrante 200ml. Alcohol-free toning solution, ideal for normalizing hyperseborrhea and refining the skin texture. Thanks to its astringent and purifying properties, it prevents the onset of imperfections, leaving the skin mattified, fresh and smooth.

BIODERMA Sensibio AR BB Cream 40ml € 17,43 € 20,50 Bioderma Sensibio AR BB Cream 40ml. Sensibio RI BB Cream is the first multi-action anti-redness treatment with a natural foundation effect, which reduces redness and acts on the Organic causes of vasodilation. It protects from UV, which aggravate erythrosic manifestations, evens the complexion of the skin and gives brightness. Its exclusive and innovative Rosactiv ® patentacts directly on VEGF, one of the main causes responsible for the dilation and rupture of skin capillaries, which leads to the onset of skin redness. Eoxolone, Allantoin and Canola: an association of soothing active ingredients that immediately reduce the sensations of heat. The patented natural complex DAF (Dermatological Advanced Formulation) increases the skin's tolerance threshold. Glycerin and canola hydrate and strengthen the skin barrier and provide immediate and long-term skin comfort. The soft-focus powders and pigments reflect light and hide redness, leaving a light and velvety effect and giving brightness to the skin.

BIODERMA Sébium Pore Refiner 30ml € 14,03 € 16,50 Bioderma Sébium Pore Refiner 30ml. Excess of sebum. Stress, smoking, pollution: there are countless causes responsible for the dilation and deformation of pores. Expert in skin biology, BIODERMA research innovates and creates Sébium Pore Refiner. This concentrated concealer improves the appearance of the skin: the texture becomes finer, smoother and purified, the pores shrink and become less visible. The exclusive patented complex Fluidactiv ® biologically regulates the quality of the sebum responsible for the obstruction of the pores and limits the formation of imperfections Agaric acid, a powerful astringent, narrows the pores and refines the texture of oily or combination skin Anti-oxidant agents preserve the natural radiance of the skin.

BIODERMA Sébium Global Cover 30 ml + 2 grams € 15,49 € 18,90 Bioderma Sébium Global Cover 30 ml + 2 grams. Sébium Global Cover is an intensive purifying treatment, with high covering Energy that acts on the cause of blemishes and blackheads, thanks to SeboRestore technology [Fluidactiv ( TM ) - Bakuchiol patent]. This technology balances the composition of the sebum to restore its natural role as a protective barrier and to prevent the appearance of imperfections.

NUXE Creme Prodigieuse Boost Creme Multi Correction 40ml € 17,45 € 34,90 Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse Boost Creme Multi Correction 40ml. Questa crema correttiva con complesso antiossidante al fiore di gelsomino, combatte gli effetti nefasti della vita quotidiana (stress, stanchezza, inquinamento...), rispettando l’equilibrio naturale della pelle. Giorno dopo giorno, la pelle è più fresca e luminosa e i primi segni dell’età sono attenuati. La sua texture leggera mat è ideale per le pelli normali e miste.

URIAGE Hyséac 3-regular Trattamento Globale Colorato SPF30 € 15,12 € 18,90

Votes: 3

URIAGE Hyséac 3-regular Trattamento Globale € 13,96 € 17,90

Votes: 1

URIAGE Hyséac Mat' Emulsionante Sebonormalizzante € 14,32 € 17,90

Votes: 2

BIODERMA Sébium Global 30ml € 13,69 € 16,90

Votes: 1 Bioderma Sébium Global 30ml. Sébium Global, born from the latest dermatological advances, is the only dermatological treatment that recreates a sebum biologically similar to that of healthy skin and blocks the inflammatory process.

BIODERMA Sèbium Gel Moussant 200ml € 13,78 € 14,50 Bioderma Sèbium Gel Moussant 200ml. Sébium Moussant gently cleanses and it is the cleansing gel that limits the formation of imperfections, thanks to the Fluidactiv® sebum-regulating complex which biologically normalizes the quality of the sebum.

KALLÈIS 105 - Purificante Opacizzante € 37,00

Votes: 1

DUCRAY Keracnyl Gel € 15,12 € 18,90

DUCRAY Keracnyl € 10,32 € 12,90

DUCRAY Keracnyl PP € 12,72 € 16,90

Votes: 1

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