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Biotin, also known as vitamin H or vitamin B7, is an essential micronutrient. Biotin contributes to normal energy metabolism, normal functioning of the nervous system, to the normal metabolism of macronutrients, the normal psychological function, maintenance of normal hair, maintenance of normal mucous membranes, to the maintenance of normal skin. It is taken through food of animal origin - such as veal, pork, lamb, chicken, cheese, eggs and fish - or plant - like cauliflower, mushrooms, carrots, spinach and beans.

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NAMED New Era Tissutale Complesso K € 11,40 € 13,95

NAMED New Era Tissutale Complesso N € 11,16 € 13,95

Votes: 1 Named New Era Tissutale Complesso N

NAMED New Era Tissutale Complesso H € 11,16 € 13,95

SOLGAR Vita B8 100 tablets € 14,40

Votes: 5 Solgar Vita B8 100 tablets. Vitamin B8 (biotin) is a water-soluble vitamin that contributes to normal cellular energy metabolism.