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On IAFStore there are deodorans, both spray and stick, for the skin that act softly helping to prevent the formation of unpleasant smells.

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PERSPIREX Perspirex For Men Regular € 12,75 € 15,00

Votes: 4

PERSPIREX Perspirex for Men Maximum € 12,45 € 15,00

DERBE DerbeSport – Non-Alcoholic Deodorant 50ml € 9,45 € 10,50

Votes: 3 Derbe DerbeSport – Non-Alcoholic Deodorant , roll-on deodorant, 50ml, a relaxing and refreshing gel with natural active principles: butcher's broom, horse-chestnut, helicrysum, echinacea

HELAN Emozione Blu - Refreshing Deodorant in Cream 50ml € 10,00

Votes: 4 Helan Emozione Blu - Refreshing Deodorant in Cream 50ml. Aluminum salt free. The enzymes bacteria need to break down sweat are blocked with deodorising properties and excess transpiration is regulated without interfering with normal skin functions.

HELAN Olmo - Perfumed Deodorant Roll On 50ml € 10,00

Votes: 2 Helan Olmo - Perfumed Deodorant Roll On 50ml. The ROLL ON HELAN fully respects the physiology of the skin by removing the odor up to 24 hours after application while its captivating bouquet on the skin leaves a fresh fragrance that enhances the action.

HELAN Vetiver & Rum - Profumo Deodorante 100ml € 10,00

Votes: 3 Helan Vetiver & Rum - Vetiver & Rum - Profumo Deodorante 100ml. The Perfumed Deodorant by Helan uses vegetable substances that prevent the onset of strong odours without altering perspiration and respecting the physiology of sweating.