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YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Dimezim® 30 tablets € 27,19 € 31,99

Votes: 122 Yamamoto® Research Dimezim® 30 tablets. DIMEZIM is a S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine (SAMe) and Betaine food supplement. Each tablet provides 250 mg of SAME and 200 mg of Betaine. Adenosylmethionine is found in every living cell, and is a substance that is produced naturally by the body from ATP and methionine, synthesised by the enzyme methionine adenosyltransferase. "SAMe" is involved in various biochemical reactions in the human body, with very important tasks like linking methyl groups (“Methylation") to other molecules, from DNA to phospholipids or proteins.

SUPRADYN Supradyn Ricarica Mentale € 9,68 € 13,10

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Ginseng 30 tablets € 15,29 € 17,99 Yamamoto® Research Ginseng 30 tablets. Ginseng is a supplement that provides 250mg of Panax ginseng C.A. Mey. per tablet. Titrated to 15% in ginsenoids - 37.5mg per tablet. Ginseng has tonic-adaptogenic properties (physical and mental fatigue).

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Pappa Reale 10 vials of 10ml € 13,59 € 15,99

Votes: 19 Yamamoto Research Pappa Reale 10 vials of 10ml. Pappa reale is a liquid food supplement which provides 300 mg of royal jelly per daily dose.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION NeuroSURGE® NEW FORMULA 60 capsules € 22,49 € 24,99

Votes: 12 Yamamoto® Nutrition NeuroSURGE® NEW FORMULA 60 capsules. NeuroSURGE® NEW FORMULA was created to counteract the negative effects that a severe state of fatigue and elevated cortisol levels can have on an athlete's performance, recovery, and health, and does so by making use of a combination of bioactive elements typical of traditional Oriental medicines, which are now widely used also by the athlete.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Pappa Reale 30 capsules € 7,46 € 8,99

Votes: 25 Yamamoto® Research Pappa Reale 30 capsules. Royal jelly is a truly "special" natural element which acts as a tonic/restorative and is recommended for children, convalescents, athletes and students thanks to its positive energy-boosting effect when tackling physical and mental tiredness.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Ashwagandha 30 capsules € 11,04 € 12,99

Votes: 229 Yamamoto® Research Ashwagandha 30 capsules. Dietary supplement designed for physical and mental well-being. Ashwagandha contributes to relaxation, mental and physical well-being* and has adaptogenic properties**. Its activities against anxiety and severe fatigue are widely acknowledged, as are its ability to promote improved rest and relaxation, a genuine natural anti-stress agent. Our supplement contains Ashwagandha as a patented KSM-66® root extract, the version with the highest concentration of witanolides (5%) and the highest number of certifications, as well as the largest number of scientific studies, to guarantee maximum quality and ensure safety in use.

ERBAVOGLIO Polvere di Barbabietola Bio 200 grams € 8,20 € 10,00 Erbavoglio Polvere di Barbabietola Raw Bio 200 grams

AMAZON SEEDS Organic Siberian Ginseng 100 grams € 17,00 € 20,00

Votes: 3 Amazon Seeds Siberian Ginseng Biologico 100g. Organic Siberian ginseng powder (Eleutherococcus senticosus)

AMAZON SEEDS Organic Guarana Powder 100 grams € 17,00 € 20,00

Votes: 6 Amazon Seeds Organic Guarana Powder 100 grams

NATURANDO Energia Mente 30 tablets € 19,55 € 23,00

NATURANDO Energia Ready to Go 25ml € 1,67 € 1,96

NATURANDO Energia Junior 150ml € 17,00 € 20,00

BOIRON Macerato Glicerico - Ribes Nigrum 60ml € 10,73 € 14,90 Boiron Macerato Glicerico - Ribes Nigrum 60ml

METAGENICS MetaRelax 84 sachets € 35,51 € 47,99

HERBALGEM Sportilinfa Bio - Muscoli 250 ml € 16,92 € 19,90

ALTA NATURA Terra Nata - Eleuterococco 60 tablets of 500 mg € 12,33 € 14,50 Alta Natura Terra Nata - Eleuterococco 60 tablets of 500 mg

APROPOS Vita+ - Pappa Reale 10 sachets of 10 ml € 9,90 Apropos Vita+ - Pappa Reale 10 sachets of 10 ml. Apropos Vita + Pappa Reale 250 mg is a food supplement based on fresh Royal Jelly, exclusive food of the queen bee, and other precious elements of the hive such as Pollen and Propolis.

SUSTENIUM Sustenium Plus 12 sachets of 8 grams € 10,43 € 13,90

ALTA NATURA Terra Nata - Guaranà 60 tablets of 1000 mg € 13,60 € 16,00 Alta Natura Terra Nata - Guaranà 60 tablets of 1000mg. Guaranà (Paullina cupana) is a climbing plant from the Amazon. The seeds, contained in the red fruits of the plant, constitute the part used for medicinal purposes. The chemical constituents of the seeds are starches, polyphenols, and in particular contain methyl-xanthines, or derivatives similar to caffeine (3.5%).

ALTA NATURA Terra Nata - Ginseng 60 tablets of 1500 mg € 13,60 € 16,00 Alta Natura Terra Nata - Ginseng 60 tablets of 500mg. Many experiments indicate that ginseng is able to exert a toning action on cortical cells, this allows an improvement of both inhibitory and excitatory processes.

NUTRILEYA NutriSprint Memo 20 sachets of 1,8 grams € 14,88 € 17,50 Nutrileya NutriSprint Memo 20 sachets of 1.8 grams. Nutrisprint Memo is a food supplement based on vitamin B5 which contributes to normal mental performance and magnesium for normal energy metabolism. With VitaCholine®, Nutrabrain® and taurine.

MASSIGEN Royal Jelly 10 vials of 25ml € 10,21 € 18,90 Massigen Royal Jelly 10 vials of 25ml. Royal Jelly is a tonic supplement of natural substances such as honey and royal jelly. It can favor a restorative action and against lack of appetite. Suitable for children and the elderly.

MASSIGEN Mente 10 vials of 25ml € 10,21 € 18,90

Votes: 1 Massigen Mind 10 vials of 25ml. Massigen Mente is a tonic supplement with plant extracts, folic acid and vitamins, used to promote normal psychological and nervous system function.

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