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The memory stores information in three different places. The sensory memory retains for a few moments the information coming in from sense organs and stores them in the brain's furthest storage. The brain is able to associate what it has learned with previous information and communicate it. Many information means that it is easier to remember what is learned from long times.

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SUPRADYN Supradyn Ricarica Mentale € 8,25 € 13,10

Votes: 1

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Neudin 20 vials of 10 ml € 13,29 € 18,99

Votes: 3 Yamamoto® Research Neudin® 20 vials of 10 ml. Neudin® is a food supplement containing bacopa, ginseng and ginkgo biloba. *Bacopa and ginkgo are useful for memory and cognitive functions, while ginseng has a tonic effect on physical and mental fatigue.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Optigen® 30 capsules € 19,79 € 21,99

Votes: 59 Yamamoto Research Optigen® 30 capsules. The value of this powerful supplement for the brain is confirmed by very interesting scientific studies that show that the integration of Cognizin® brings significant benefits. These include an increase in both short and long-term memory, an improvement in involuntary motor skills and improvement of cognitive functions, becoming an excellent aid in increasing the ability to concentrate and learn, both in visual, auditory and spatial storage usable by students in the middle of study or during exam periods, or by professionals who want to keep a clear and sharp mind.

ERBAVOGLIO Stress & Ansia Gocce N 2 Memoria € 11,25 € 15,00

ANGELINI Acutil Fosforo Advance 12 sachets € 11,56 € 17,00 Angelini Acutil Fosforo Advance 12 sachets

SWISSE Ultiboost - Memoria 60 capsules € 18,84 € 29,90 Swisse Ultiboost - Memoria 60 capsules. Swisse Ultiboost Memoria is a multi-nutrient formula, scientifically designed to supplement nutrition.

BOIRON Memoria - Ginkgo Biloba 60 ml € 9,33 € 15,30 Boiron Ginkgo Biloba Memory 60 ml. Boiron Memoria Ginkgo Biloba is a supplement based on plant extracts of Ginkgo Biloba leaves that can support cognitive functions, help memory and promote the physiological functionality of the microcirculation.

ANGELINI Acutil Phosphorus Gummy 50 gummy candies € 9,66 € 14,20

Votes: 1 Angelini Acutil Phosphorus Gommose 50 gummy candies. Angelini Acutil Phosphorus is a supplement of specific substances for learning. Gummy candies useful to provide clarity and concentration in the study.

MASSIGEN Mente 10 vials of 25ml € 6,62 € 18,90

Votes: 1 Massigen Mind 10 vials of 25ml. Massigen Mente is a tonic supplement with plant extracts, folic acid and vitamins, used to promote normal psychological and nervous system function.

PROMOPHARMA Aminovita Plus - Memoria 20 sachets of 2 grams € 14,70 € 24,50

Votes: 1 Promopharma Aminovita Plus - Memoria 20 sachets of 2 grams. Aminovita Plus® Memoria contiene l’esclusivo complesso di aminoacidi MEMOCOMPLEX® , Vitamina PP, Vitamina B5, Vitamina B6, Vitamna B2, Vitamina B1, Acido folico, Vitamina B12 e Bacopa utile per la memoria e le funzioni cognitive.

ABOCA Natura Mix Advanced - Mente 50 capsules € 18,60 € 24,80 Aboca Natura Mix Advanced Mente 50 capsules. Natura Mix Advanced Mente supports memory and improves cognitive performance thanks to Ginkgo extract. Furthermore, the product, thanks to the Schisandra extract, can increase a person's ability to adapt to stress and in particular, the Rodiola extract has a tonic-adaptogenic activity that helps the body to adapt to emotional stress.

ABOCA Natura Mix Advanced - Mente 10 vials € 15,75 € 21,00 Aboca Natura Mix Advanced Mente 10 vials. Mix Advanced Mente is useful: in periods of intense study and work; in all cases where it is desired to support memory and cognitive functions. Natura Mix Advanced Mente does not contain components that can cause agitation or hinder sleep.

BE-TOTAL Mind Plus 20 sachets € 10,40 € 16,00

Votes: 1 Be-Total Mind Plus 20 sachets. Mind Plus is a powdered food supplement based on phosphoserine, glutamine and B vitamins.

VITALMIX Vitalmix Mente 2 confezioni of 10 ml € 16,80 € 24,00

GUNA Guna Brain € 11,93 € 15,90

Votes: 1

ANGELINI Acutil Fosforo Advance 50 tablets € 11,56 € 17,00

Votes: 2 Angelini Acutil Fosforo Advance 50 tablets. When the mind is more tired or when more effort is required, before an exam or an important event, the ability to stay focused and think with the right clarity becomes fundamental. Thus feeling more serene and self-confident.

ALGEM NATURA Algem Memory 45 tablets € 17,17 € 20,20 Algem Natura Algem Memory 45 tablets. Algem Memory is a food supplement based on plant extracts of Ginkgo, Bacopa, Centella and B vitamins that promote memory and cognitive functions.

SPECCHIASOL Tonic Memoria 12 vials of 10ml € 10,64 € 19,00

Votes: 1 Specchiasol Tonic Memoria 12 vials of 10ml. Tonic Memoria (Memory) is a food supplement formulated in convenient single-dose vials

SOLGAR Corti-Sol-PS 60 softgel pearls € 61,32

Votes: 5 Solgar Corti-Sol-PS 60 softgel pearls. Dietary supplement. The memory disorder that accompanies aging is undoubtedly the most well-known and widespread neuro-psychological deficit. An increasing number of people live with apprehension the perception of the decline in their cognitive performance, they complain of sudden memory lapses, they feel a sense of inadequacy towards a world where the number of information that is given to us is increased enormously, at a pace Faster and faster.

SOLGAR Neuro-Nutrients 30 capsules € 24,97

Votes: 6 Solgar Neuro-Nutrients 30 capsules. Emotional and physical stress can easily "burn" nutrient reserves and tone, concentration and memory can be affected. Some substances promote the restoration of balance and tone, and are also useful for memory and concentration.

PHARMALIFE Ginkolin 30 tablets € 21,15 € 23,50

Votes: 2 Pharmalife Research Ginkolin 30 tablets. GINKOLIN is a food supplement of B vitamins, also containing vitamin E and soy lecithin, with antioxidant activity.

PHARMALIFE BioMelatonin 15 tablets € 8,55 € 9,50

Votes: 2 Pharmalife Research BioMelatonin 15 tablets. Thanks to its active ingredients, Biomelatonin is able to effectively counteract the disturbances of the awake sleep rhythm, to assist night rest, insomnia and to calm the states of nervousness. Useful for countering jet lag.

SCITEC NUTRITION Mental Focus 90 capsules € 17,90

Votes: 3 Scitec Nutrition Mental Focus 90 capsules. MENTAL FOCUS is based on an ingredient matrix providing stimulant Caffeine, Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALC) and the amino acid Tyrosine popular in energy drinks.

PIAM Rischiaril Gocce 250 mg/ml 30 ml € 18,00 € 24,00

Votes: 1 Piam Rischiaril Gocce 250 mg/ml 30 ml

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