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Supplements for hair

The hair supplements can help heal dull, brittle or thin hair. If the diet is not very varied, supplements can help by direct intake of protein and amino acids, minerals and antioxidants vitamins because they represent the material that hair is made of. Some natural remedies are: pumpkin seeds, phytosterols, nettle, St. John's wort.

Supplements for hair
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YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Capelli e pelle e unghie SUPERIOR 60 capsules € 23,99

Votes: 60 Yamamoto® Research Capelli e pelle e unghie SUPERIOR 60 capsules. Hair, skin and nails SUPERIOR is a nutraceutical supplement with a high density of nutrients developed for the well-being and protection of these elements which are our "go-between" – and not only aesthetic – with the outside world.

KI Hübner - Original Silicea Plus 30 capsule € 19,50

Votes: 7 Hübner - Original SIlicea Plus 30 capsules. Silicea One a Day Capsule with biotin and trace elements contain the optimum level of natural silica and the trace elements zinc, manganese, selenium and biotin required by the body in a convenient one aday formulation. Silicon (Si), a natural elemental substance derived from quartz crystals, is everywhere in nature where strength, elasticity and flexibility are important. It is an essential trace element for all living beings and is found in each cell of your body.

PHARMALIFE Volume + Hair 45 tablets € 17,40 € 29,00 Pharmalife Volume + Hair 40,5 grams

ALTA NATURA Trichology Lab Dietary Supplement - Man 50 tablets of 850mg € 13,88 € 18,50

Votes: 1 Alta Natura Trichology Lab Dietary Supplement - Man 50 tablets of 850mg

ALTA NATURA Trichology Lab Dietary Supplement - Man 50 tablets of 850mg € 13,88 € 18,50

Votes: 5 Alta Natura Trichology Lab Dietary Supplement - Man 50 tablets of 850mg. Trichology Lab gives strength, strength, combability and volume to the hair, assists the physiological cycle of hair growth, nourishing and helping the hair regrowth, acting on hair and hair bulb.

SOLGAR Golden Crin B+C 100 tablets € 19,89

Votes: 7 Solgar Golden Crin B+C 100 tablets. Dietary supplement

SPECCHIASOL HC+Tricoligo Hair Woman 40 tablets € 13,20 € 22,00

Votes: 7 Specchiasol HC+Tricoligo Capelli Donna 40 tablets. Dietary supplement

SOLGAR Estetic Formula 60 tablets € 23,48

Votes: 11 Solgar Estetic Formula 60 tablets. Formulation based on vitamin C, zinc, copper, MSM (organic compound based on sulfur), algae extract Lithotamnium calcareum (organic source of silicon). Copper, vitamin C and zinc are antioxidants and support the maintenance of connective tissues, collagen, skin, nails and hair. They can therefore be supportive in case of brittle hair or brittle nails.

PHARMALIFE Rinfoltil 60 tablets € 11,10 € 18,50

Votes: 3 Pharmalife Research Rinfoltil 60 tablets. Rinfoltil inhibit 5-a-reductase, reducing the conversion of testosterone to di-hydrotestosterone, and exerts an antioxidant, nourishing, keratinising, stimulating, protective and strengthening action on the hair and scalp.

OPTIMA Capelli - Unghie - Pelle 60 tablets € 14,41

Votes: 20 Optima Capelli - Unghie - Pelle, 60 tablets. Dietary supplement with vitamins and minerals, containing Zinc Gluconate. Zinc contributes to the normal maintenance of hair, nails and skin.

ERBA VITA New Cap - Hair Wellness 30 tablets € 15,60 € 19,50 Erba Vita New Cap - Hair Wellness 30 tablets based on Vitaltricap. Resveratrol and Vitamins; with Millet extract useful for trophism and hair wellness.

4+ NUTRITION Hair+ 60 tablets € 13,00 € 20,00

Votes: 4 4+ Nutrition Hair+ 60 tablets. HAIR+ enhances the shine, strength, texture, softness and resistance of your hair, preventing hair loss and grey hair.

JAMIESON Hair Formula 20 capsules € 9,52

Votes: 6 Jamieson Hair Formula 20 caspules. With its precious natural ingredients formula strengthens hair and nourishes the hair, protects them from environmental pollution, chemical treatments.

NATURANDO Topkrin Dietary Supplement 60 capsules € 12,60 € 18,00

Votes: 5 Not available Naturando Topkrin Dietary Supplement 60 capsules. A dietary supplement that contains L-Cystine, Millet, Bamboo, PABA, Vitamin B5 and Minerals.

NATURAL POINT PABA 200 55 capsules € 7,50 € 10,00

Votes: 4 Not available Natural Point PABA 200 55 capsules. Normally produced by good bacteria in a healthy intestine, para-aminobenzoic acid or PABA helps the body use the B vitamins involved in the formation of melanin, a pigment responsible for tanning of the skin during sun exposure.

ERBA VITA Monoplant Capsules - Common millet 60 capsules € 8,80 € 11,00

Votes: 2 Not available Erba Vita Capsule Monoplanta - Miglio 60 capsules. Dietary supplement