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PHARMALIFE Arnica 90 Plus 75ml € 10,50 € 17,50 Pharmalife Arnica 90 Plus 75ml. ARNICA 90% PLUS, is an innovative super concentrated natural gel, suitable for the whole body. It dries quickly and leaves a pleasant sensation of freshness. Formulated with 90% of Arnica montana, it ensures immediate relief and immediate comfort in case of need.

OPTIMA Arnica Strong 100ml € 9,31

Votes: 2 Optima Arnica Strong 100ml. Natural cream with arnica extract, organic aloe vera and vitamin E contains more than 75% active components. Suitable for limbs and muscles massage. Arnica extract is useful in case of bruises and gives relief if applied on recent traumas.

NATURANDO Bio Arnica 75ml € 10,43 € 14,90 Naturando Bio Arnica 75ml. Soft, light and quickly absorbed organic cream formulated with extracts of Arnica and Claw of Diavoo, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E.

ALTA NATURA Arnica - Phyto Crema Arnica 75ml € 8,25 € 11,00 Alta Natura Arnica - Phyto Crema Arnica 75ml. Intensive treatment gives relief and well-being

SPECCHIASOL Arnica 30 Plus Gel 75ml € 7,68 € 12,80

Votes: 2 Specchiasol Arnica 30 Plus Gel 75ml. With 30% mother tincture from Arnica Montana L., in combination with Witch Hazel and Horse Chestnut, it provides relief to ecchymosis resulting from bruises and sprains.

ALTA NATURA Arnica Oil 100ml € 8,25 € 11,00

Votes: 5 Alta Natura Alta Natura - Arnica Oil 100ml. Obtained by cold maceration of the flowers of Arnica montana. Used primarily for property antiedemigene, is used in the case of joint pain, inflammation or muscle preparation athletics.

ERBA VITA Arnica Oil 100ml € 9,76 € 12,20

Votes: 4 Erba Vita Olio di Arnica 100ml. Arnica oil

ERBA VITA Eudermic Pomade - Arnica 50ml € 7,76 € 9,70

Votes: 4 ErbaVita Pomata Eudermica - Arnica 50ml.