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YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Innevitil® 15 vials of 60ml € 41,39 € 45,99

Votes: 344 Yamamoto Research Innevitil® 15 vials of 60ml. Innevitil is a food supplement designed for the beauty of the skin and realized to provide hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid to the body. A key element in the product is Collagen of high absorption marine origin, which gives the skin resistance, increasing its tone and firmness. Contains hyaluronic acid that contributes to the formation of the scaffold that supports our skin, maintaining an effective hydration and turgor cutaneous, thanks to its ability to bind and retain large amounts of water. Great innovation in this kind of products comes from Setria, a modern version of glutathione that can be taken orally, which allows us to have the most powerful antioxidants available not only to counteract the action of free radicals, but recent studies have confirmed that its integration has action in the "lighting" of the skin, improving its shine and compactness.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Collagene Idrolizzato 30 sachets of 5 grams € 29,74 € 34,99

Votes: 103 Yamamoto® Research Collagene Idrolizzato 30 sachets of 5 grams. Hydrolysed collagen of Yamamoto® Research contains the peptide collagen VERISOL®, a hydrolysate based on type 1 bio-active collagen, with very high bioavailability, able to stimulate the biosynthesis of new collagen and increase the percentage of elastin in the skin.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Effortex® 30 tablets € 17,09 € 18,99

Votes: 95 Yamamoto® Research Effortex® 30 tablets. Food supplement suitable for adults, based on the exclusive mix ChondrActiv™, providing collagen, chondroitin sulphate and hyaluronic acid. The product is also enriched with functional micronutrients such as Vitamin C which contributes to normal collagen formation.

LABOREST Tendisulfur Pro € 23,21 € 25,50

LABOREST Tendisulfur Forte € 21,68 € 25,50

ESI Bio Collagenix € 20,28 € 39,00

Votes: 1

ESI Bio Collagenix € 21,00 € 35,00

Votes: 3

ESI Bio Collagenix € 17,76 € 24,00

ESI Bio Collagenix € 21,46 € 29,00

LINEA ACT ArtiSalus Act Forte € 10,43 € 13,90

ALGILIFE Collagen Art 100 tablets € 18,68 € 24,90 Algilife Collagen Art 100 tablets. Collagen Art is a food supplement based on collagen, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid with the addition of vitamin C.

LINEA ACT Collagene Act € 21,95 € 39,90

ESI No Dol Collagene € 16,97 € 23,90

MARCO VITI Collagene Beauty Cream + Collagene Beauty Serum € 31,92 € 39,90

PHARMALIFE CollagenaT - No-Age Drink 10 vials of 25ml € 29,60 € 37,00

Votes: 7 Pharmalife CollagenaT - No-Age Drink 10 vials of 25ml. It is a food supplement based on hydrolysed Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Resveratrol, Vitamin C, Amino Acids and plant extracts.

PHARMALIFE CollagenaT - Siero Active 30ml € 25,20 € 31,50

Votes: 1 Pharmalife CollagenaT - Siero Active 30ml. Amazing facial serum rich in active ingredients that effectively contrast the signs of aging

PHARMALIFE CollagenaT - Siero Pro-Density 15ml € 19,60 € 24,50

Votes: 2 Pharmalife CollagenaT - Siero Pro-Density 15ml. Innovative facial serum concentrated and full of functional substances, ideal for hollow and atonic skins that show an evident loss of density, elasticity and brightness.

PHARMALIFE CollagenaT - Maschera Viso Sensitive 75ml € 23,20 € 29,00

Votes: 3 Pharmalife CollagenaT - Maschera Viso Sensitive 75ml. Specific anti-age cosmetic treatment indicated for the most delicate and demanding skin.

PHARMALIFE CollagenaT - Maschera Viso Filling 75ml € 26,00 € 32,50

Votes: 1 Pharmalife CollagenaT - Maschera Viso Filling 75ml. Specific anti-aging cosmetic treatment indicated for mature skin with evident cutaneous relaxation and marked wrinkles.

PHARMALIFE CollagenaT - Crema Viso Age-Defend 50ml € 28,00 € 35,00

Votes: 7 Pharmalife CollagenaT - Crema Viso Age-Defend 50ml. Specific anti-aging facial treatment with a fresh and light texture, ideal for all skin types.

PHARMALIFE CollagenaT - Crema Viso Sleeping Beauty 50ml € 24,40 € 30,50

Votes: 6 Pharmalife CollagenaT - Crema Viso Sleeping Beauty 50ml. Specific facial treatment ideal for mature skin needing a proper supply of nutrients.

PHARMALIFE CollagenaT - Siero Renew 15ml € 21,20 € 26,50

Votes: 2 Pharmalife CollagenaT - Siero Renew 15ml. Extraordinary facial serum ideal for dull, atonic and stressed skin that requires energy and support.

PHARMALIFE CollagenaT - Gel Contorno Occhi 15ml € 19,20 € 24,00

Votes: 6 Pharmalife CollagenaT - Gel Contorno Occhi 15ml. Revolutionary cosmetic treatment specific for the periocular areas.

NATURE'S BOUNTY Collagene 90 tablets € 23,84

Votes: 6 Nature's Bounty Collagene 90 tablets. Collagen is a food supplement based on Hydrolyzed collagen, Vitamin C and L-Ornithine.

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