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ERBA VITA Curcuma and Peperina complex 60 capsules € 25,20 Erba Vita Curcuma and Piperina complex 60 caps. is a food supplement containing plant extracts mainly turmeric and black pepper

JAMIESON Daily Liver Detox 30 tablets € 15,12

Votes: 2 Jamieson Daily Liver Detox 30 tablets. Is dietary supplement based on turmeric, artichoke and milk thistle, useful for liver and digestive function

EUROSUP Curcumin+ 45 vegetarian capsules € 21,78 € 33,50 Eurosup Curcumin+ 45 vegetarian capsules. Curcumin + is a food supplement made from turmeric extract standardized to 95% curcuminoids, supported on gamma cyclodextrin (CAVACURMIN®).

JAMIESON Turmeric 550mg 60 capsules € 20,72 Jamieson Turmeric 550mg 60 capsules. Jamieson High Potency Curcumin Turmeric helps to relieve joint pain by reducing the body’s inflammatory response to stress and injury while also providing antioxidants for the maintenance of good health.

PRONUTRITION CurcuMax 50 capsules € 17,56 € 23,40 Pronutrition CurcuMax 50 capsules. Food supplement based on turmeric extracts (titrated in 45% curcumin), fenugreek (titrated in 50% saponins) and black pepper.

NOW FOODS Curcumin 60 vegetarian capsules € 25,96 Now Foods Curcumin 60 vegetarian capsules. Curcumin is the major bioactive component found in the roots of Turmeric (Curcuma longa), a plant belonging to the ginger family.

NATROL Turmeric Extra Strength 60 capsules € 16,50 Natrol Turmeric Extra Strength 60 capsules. Dietary supplement based on extract of Curcuma.

SAN NUTRITION Supreme Curcumin C3 60 capsules € 24,60

Votes: 5 San Nutrition Supreme Curcumin C3 60 capsules. Chronic inflammation is a real problem for many people, but it’s particularly tough on athletes.

STUR DEE Curcuma 100 capsules € 12,00 € 15,00

Votes: 10 Stur Dee Curcuma 100 capsule.

ERBA VITA Hydroalcoholic Extract - Turmeric 50ml € 11,00

Votes: 2 Erba Vita Estratto Idroalcolico - Curcuma 50ml. Dietary supplement

ERBA VITA Monoplant Capsules - Turmeric 60 capsules € 15,50

Votes: 8 Erba Vita Capsule Monoplanta - Turmeric 60 capsules. Turmeric rhizome is a natural source of curcumin, useful for promoting the physiological function impairment.

WEIDER Vitamin D3 + Liquid Curcumin 90 capsules € 40,74 € 42,00

Votes: 1 Not available

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