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YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Recumid® 500 grams € 37,09 € 52,99

Votes: 17 Yamamoto Nutrition Recumid® 500 grams. Recumid® is based on the best combination of highly absorbable elements for our muscles which, thanks to training and the consequent hyperaemia, are ready to receive and use them for the maximum recovery possible, both during and potentially after workouts. Recumid®, this immediate "ideal elixir" for muscle recovery, consists of: HBCD Cyclodextrins (Cluster Dextrin®), Hydrolysed Caseins (Peptopro®), Hydrolyzed whey (milk) protein (Optipep® 90 DH4), Phosphatidic Acid, Glutamine Peptide, Fenugreek and coconut water powder.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Energan® 700 grams € 44,79 € 63,99

Votes: 19 Yamamoto® Nutrition Energan® 700 grams. With the development of the “FLEX SERIES” range, being highly sought-after by our Mr Olympia 212 Flex Lewis, we present the workhorse by which it is represented, a mixture to be taken in the “intra-workout” period, developed to better support the needs of any high-level athlete, with the best that science and quality raw materials can offer the market.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Glycogen 500 grams € 23,79 € 33,99

Votes: 85 Yamamoto® Nutrition Glycogen 500 grams. Yamamoto® is always looking for innovative elements with proven effectiveness and, in Glycogen, we have found something new and interesting that can be added to cyclodextrins, namely WATTS'UP®, a flavonoid derived from sweet orange. Coconut water powder can be considered as a real pool of electrolytes with very high bio-availability. Glycogen is an intraworkout drink that is greatly effective in supporting performance lasting for medium and long periods of time. It provides guaranteed strong electrolyte support, with maximum tolerability and intestinal absorption capacity and is suitable for all athletes.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Glycocharge 700 grams € 39,19 € 55,99

Votes: 56 Yamamoto® Nutrition Glycocharge 700 grams. Thanks to the "ideal" mixture of elements contained in Glycocharge, the athlete is found to have a real support, an amplifier of the effects of stimulation that is sought in and from training, rich in energy and plastic material available immediately, without having any gastrointestinal disturbance typical of previous generation carbohydrate beverages, and perhaps with poorly absorbed mineral salts.

IAFSTORE SUPPLEMENTS HBCD Powder 1000 grams € 29,19 € 39,99

Votes: 157 Iafstore Supplements HBCD Powder 1000 grams. HBCD POWDER is a carbohydrate food supplement, powdered drink, suitable for adult sporstmen who have performed highly intensive and long-lasting physical exercise. Carbohydrates contribute to the recovery of normal muscle function (contraction) after highly intensive and/or long-lasting physical exercise leading to muscle fatigue and the depletion of glycogen stores in skeletal muscle.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION GlycoBol® ULTRA 700 grams € 40,59 € 57,99

Votes: 121 Yamamoto® Nutrition GlycoBol® ULTRA 700 grams. A new way of thinking about nitric oxide. A new way of thinking about an energy-performance product. GlycoBol® ULTRA is made from the revolutionary ENO-1™ technology. This product is made from ingredients of the highest quality and purity possible, to help maximise your performance during workouts. While developing GlycoBol® ULTRA, the research scientists at Yamamoto® focused on nitric oxide mechanisms. Improving this mechanism could produce amazing benefits, in terms of both growth and recovery. GlycoBol® ULTRA is an innovative formula for anyone who is looking for an uncompromising performance product.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION GlycoBol® 500 grams € 17,49 € 24,99

Votes: 375 Yamamoto® Nutrition GlycoBol® 500 grams. GlycoBol® is a dietary supplement with the original Cluster Dextrin™. HBCD are a new type of glucose polymers. The result is a glucose polymer with ideal properties: for instance, an average molecular weight of 160,000 Da with very low osmolality, and therefore very rapid gastric emptying. Yamamoto® Nutrition uses only the original CLUSTER DEXTRIN™ 100% Made in Japan.

YAMAMOTO NUTRITION GlycoBol® PERFORMANCE 700 grams € 33,59 € 47,99

Votes: 113 Yamamoto® Nutrition GlycoBol® PERFORMANCE 1.54Lbs. The "optimal" beverage to support the most intense and prolonged performance, where all the components work together in maximum efficiency to support both the performance and the subsequent muscle recovery.

WEIDER Victory Endurance Cyclo Energy Pro 500 grams € 23,93 € 31,90 Weider Victory Endurance Cyclo Energy Pro 500 grams. Victory Endurance Cyclo Energy Pro is a food supplement in powder form based on Cyclodextrin Cluster Dextrin® (98%), a patented compound of branched cyclic dextrin.

ALPHAZER Eneractive Recovery 600 grams € 35,09 € 38,99 Coming soon Alphazer® Eneractive Recovery 600 grams. Eneractive Recovery is a food supplement made up of 3 different carbohydrate sources: Isomaltulose Palatinose ™, Maltodextrin Glucidex®, and the innovative Cyclodextrin Cluster Dextrin®. With the addition of essential amino acids, Sustamine®, Citrulline, and freeze-dried coconut water