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Glutamine Peptides

Glutamine Peptides
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YAMAMOTO NUTRITION Glutamine PEPTIDE 240 tablets € 29,74 € 34,99

Votes: 88 Yamamoto® Nutrition Glutamine PEPTIDE 240 tablets. Glutamine PEPTIDE is a dietary supplement of glutamine in peptide form, suitable for sportsmen and women who take part in strenuous physical activity. The glutamine/peptide bond means that it is linked to another amino acid, making the compound much more stable. Studies have shown that this peptide form makes the glutamine 10 times more effective than the simple form.

PRONUTRITION Glutammina Peptide Zero Carbo € 29,93 € 39,90

Votes: 1

4+ NUTRITION Gluta Peptide+ 400 grams € 36,00 € 45,00

Votes: 6 4+ Nutrition Gluta Peptide+ 400g. GLUTE PEPTIDE + is the most evolved form of glutamine, characterized by greater stability.

PROLABS Gluta Pep 200 tablets € 25,08 € 44,00

Votes: 2 Prolabs Gluta Pep 200 tablets. Food supplement of glutamine in peptide form, with vitamin B6.

ULTIMATE ITALIA Glutammine Evolution 120 tablets € 26,91 € 29,90

Votes: 4 Ultimate Italia Glutammine Evolution 120 tablets. Dietary supplement

ULTIMATE ITALIA Glutammine Evolution 200 grams € 26,91 € 29,90

Votes: 8 Ultimate Italia Glutammine Evolution 200g. Dietary supplement

ANDERSON RESEARCH Glutamine Peptide 100 tablets € 15,99 € 19,99

Votes: 13 Anderson Research Glutamine Peptide 100 tablets. Glutamine Peptide is a more soluble and stable form than normal glutamine (1,5 g of glutamine peptide correspond to about 4,5 g of normal L-Glutamine).