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ERBAVOGLIO Polvere di Alghe Kelp 250 grams € 9,60 € 12,00 Erbavoglio Polvere di Alghe Kelp 250 grams

SOLGAR Dima Norwegian Alghe Marine 250 tablets € 15,04

Votes: 3 Solgar Dima Norwegian Alghe Marine 250 tablets. Kelp is derived from the sea. It is a naturally rich source of iodine, which is an essential component of the thyroid hormone that plays a role in growth, development and control of metabolic rate.

BOTANICAL MIX Kelp 100 capsules € 13,01 € 16,90

Votes: 2 Botanical Mix Kelp 100 capsules

ERBA VITA Monoplant Capsules - Kelp 60 capsules € 11,00

Votes: 2 ErbaVoglio Capsule Monoplanta - Kelp 60 capsules. Dietary supplement

LIFEPLAN Kelp 300 tablets € 11,63

Votes: 2 Lifeplan Kelp 300 tablets. Dietary supplement based on Seaweed Wild.

JAMIESON Kelp Ocean Pacific 100 tablets € 16,72

Votes: 2 Jamieson Kelp Ocean Pacific 100 tablets. Kelp is a variety of seaweed and it is a particularly rich source of iodine, a trace mineral that helps support the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.