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Locherber: products stand out for a skincare line that nourishes the skin through its natural principles.

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LOCHERBER Sun Pure - Calming Cream 75ml € 9,90 € 18,00 Locherber Sun Pure - Calming Cream 75ml. This cream with its natural ingredients is helpful for skin that has been parched from intensive sun exposure or UVA lamps or reddened due to contact with intense heat.

LOCHERBER Sun Pure - Middle Protection SPF15 100ml € 11,00 € 20,00 Locherber Sun Pure - Middle Protection SPF15 100ml. Protection for sun exposure. Ideal for fairly dark skin that is not too sensitive.

LOCHERBER VIP Body Cream 200ml € 10,45 € 19,00

Votes: 2 Locherber VIP Body Cream 200ml. Body cream with a moisturizing and revitalizing action

LOCHERBER Bath and Shower Gel Vip 200ml € 7,70 € 14,00

Votes: 2 Locherber Bath and Shower Gel Vip 200ml. Shower Gel for men of all ages with a subtle masculine fragrance.The balanced mix of ingredients creates a special texture leaving the skin feeling fresh and delicately cleansed.