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D1000 70 capsules

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Natural Point D1000 70 capsules. D1000 is a dietary supplement based on cholecalciferol, a natural form of vitamin D that contributes to the normal trophism of bones and teeth and supports the physiological immune defenses.

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Natural Point - D1000 - IAFSTORE.COM
Dietary supplement

D1000 is a dietary supplement based on cholecalciferol, a natural form of vitamin D that contributes to the normal trophism of bones and teeth and supports the physiological immune defenses.

Vitamin D can be acquired either by ingestion or by exposure to sunlight. The more the skin is pigmented, the less vitamin D it is necessary to introduce through the feeding. Do you know that sunscreens with a protective factor higher than eight prevent the synthesis of this extraordinary vitamin?

What's this

It is a vitamin D supplement, produced according to high quality standards. It is free of allergens and GMOs.

What is useful and how it works

Vitamin D is a panacea for the growth and global well-being of our body. Participates in the normal absorption and use of important minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus. This is why it actively contributes to maintaining a stable nervous system, a cardiac action and normal blood coagulation.
All of us grew up feeling that we repeat that vitamin D "strengthens bones".
Its legendary utility to support bone health and growth is linked to the ability to maintain normal levels of calcium in the blood. It helps to synthesise those enzymes present in the mucous membranes responsible for the active transport of available calcium.
Indeed, its main function is to promote bone mineralization. Even the teeth draw strength and beauty from the use of this precious vitamin. In parallel, vitamin D is necessary for a good growth of children, because, without it, the bones and teeth do not calcify sufficiently. Some studies reveal that vitamin D also serves to prevent tooth decay and pyorrhea, an inflammation of the dental alveoli.
Vitamin D helps prevent and treat rickets and also helps to treat osteomalacia in adults and to protect people in menopause from osteoporosis. In addition it helps the functions of the muscles and strengthens the immune system.

RECOMMENDATION: it is recommended to take one capsule a day to be swallowed with plenty of water.

NET QUANTITY: 20.4 grams

STORAGE: keep in a cool and dry place, away from light.

Average analysis
Per dose (1 capsule)
Vitamin D
equal to
25mcg (500% *)
1000 IU
* RDA = Recommended Daily Ration
Ingredients: rice flour, food gelatin capsule, cholecalciferol (vitamin D3).

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