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Barley and alternatives to coffee
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KI Lima - Chicory Filter Original 500 grams € 6,45 Ki Lima - Chicory Filter Original 500 grams. Chicory was well-known and widely appreciated all over Europe, long before coffee was introduced here. This delicious coffee substitute is produced from carefully roasted and ground chicory roots.

KI Lima - Yannoh Filter Original 500 grams € 4,95 Ki Lima - Yannoh Filter Original 500 grams. Organi coffee substitute - naturally caffeine free. Yannoh filter Original is a delicious coffee substiture produced from gently roasted and ground organic cereals, chicory and chickpeas.

PROBIOS Roasted and Ground Chicory 500 grams € 5,99 Probios Cicoria Tostata e Macinata 500g. After harvesting, chicory root (Cichorium intybus) is cleaned, chopped, roasted under hot air and then ground.

KI Lima - Soluble Chicory 100 grams € 4,70

Votes: 5 Lima Cicoria Solubile 100g. Soluble chicory. Naturally caffeine free.

KI Lima - Yannoh Instant Original 250 grams € 11,45

Votes: 2 Lima Yannoh Instant Original 250g. Organic cereal coffee - naturally caffeine free.

KI BuonBio - Orzo Break 120 grams € 3,39

Votes: 2 Ki BuonBio - Orzo Break 120g. Soluble roasted barley.

PROBIOS Orzo Tostato e Macinato 500 grams € 2,19

Votes: 2 Probios Orzo Tostato e Macinato 500g. Italian Roasted and ground barley

PROBIOS Cacaobon 300 grams € 4,45

Votes: 2 Probios Cacaobon 300g. Cacaobon is produced with best cocoa selections, it is ideal to mix one/two spoons into a cup with vegetable drink or milk. The product is fantastic for children and adults. To melt cold, also.

PROBIOS Cerealbon 125 grams € 3,99

Votes: 2 Probios Cerealbon 125g. Roasted cereal-based soluble product to dissolve in boiling liquids. Excellent for any time of the day, for both adults and children, as it is naturally theine and caffeine free.

FIOR DI LOTO Caffè Salomoni - Organic Soluble Chicory 100 grams € 4,99

Votes: 1 Not available Caffè Salomoni Cicoria Solubile Bio 100g. Soluble chicory

PROBIOS Orzobon 125 grams € 3,80

Votes: 3 Not available Probios Orzobon 120g. Instant barley drink