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Barley and alternatives to coffee
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ALCE NERO Orzo Moka € 2,19 € 2,35

KI Lima - Chicory Filter Original 500 grams € 6,45 Ki Lima - Chicory Filter Original 500 grams. Chicory was well-known and widely appreciated all over Europe, long before coffee was introduced here. This delicious coffee substitute is produced from carefully roasted and ground chicory roots.

KI Lima - Yannoh Filter Original 500 grams € 4,95 Ki Lima - Yannoh Filter Original 500 grams. Organi coffee substitute - naturally caffeine free. Yannoh filter Original is a delicious coffee substiture produced from gently roasted and ground organic cereals, chicory and chickpeas.

PROBIOS Roasted and Ground Chicory 500 grams € 6,50 Probios Cicoria Tostata e Macinata 500g. After harvesting, chicory root (Cichorium intybus) is cleaned, chopped, roasted under hot air and then ground.

FIOR DI LOTO Caffè Salomoni - Organic Soluble Chicory 100 grams € 4,99

Votes: 1 Caffè Salomoni Cicoria Solubile Bio 100g. Soluble chicory

KI Lima - Soluble Chicory 100 grams € 4,70

Votes: 5 Lima Cicoria Solubile 100g. Soluble chicory. Naturally caffeine free.

KI Lima - Yannoh Instant Original 250 grams € 11,45

Votes: 2 Lima Yannoh Instant Original 250g. Organic cereal coffee - naturally caffeine free.

PROBIOS Orzobon 125 grams € 3,85

Votes: 3 Probios Orzobon 120g. Instant barley drink

PROBIOS Orzo Tostato e Macinato 500 grams € 2,19

Votes: 2 Probios Orzo Tostato e Macinato 500g. Italian Roasted and ground barley

PROBIOS Cacaobon 300 grams € 4,50

Votes: 2 Probios Cacaobon 300g. Cacaobon is produced with best cocoa selections, it is ideal to mix one/two spoons into a cup with vegetable drink or milk. The product is fantastic for children and adults. To melt cold, also.

PROBIOS Cerealbon 125 grams € 4,05

Votes: 2 Probios Cerealbon 125g. Roasted cereal-based soluble product to dissolve in boiling liquids. Excellent for any time of the day, for both adults and children, as it is naturally theine and caffeine free.

KI BuonBio - Orzo Break 120 grams € 3,39

Votes: 2 Not available Ki BuonBio - Orzo Break 120g. Soluble roasted barley.