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PROBIOS Altri Cereali - Oat Cocoa Biscuits 250 grams € 4,30

Votes: 1 Probios Altri Cereali - Oat Cocoa Biscuits 250 grams. Altri Cereali, the oats and chocolate biscuits, a greedy embrace of vanilla and cocoa, perfect for dipping! The recipe does not contain palm oil, is high in fiber, grananteed gluten-free.

LA FINESTRA SUL CIELO Classic Savory Shortbread 230 grams € 2,45 La Finestra Sul Cielo Classic Savory Shortbread 230 grams. The Classic Salted Shortbread with Spelled from La Finestra sul Cielo is an original biscuit, not with a sweet taste, but salty! Also suitable for those who follow a vegan diet, this savory spelled biscuit is made with organic and natural ingredients.

LA FINESTRA SUL CIELO salty shortbread with seeds 250 grams € 2,55 La Finestra Sul Cielo Salted Shortbread with Seeds 250 grams. Two irresistible novelties in the panorama of savory snacks: classic spelled shortbread and spelled shortbread enriched with chia seeds and flax seeds, perfect to serve to accompany the aperitif or to be enjoyed as a snack during the day.

SOTTO LE STELLE Krumì Farro € 4,09

SOTTO LE STELLE Frollini Farro con Gocce di Cioccolato € 3,93

SOTTO LE STELLE Gran Rustico Integrale € 2,83

Votes: 2

SOTTO LE STELLE Tondelli Integrali € 4,40

SOTTO LE STELLE Frollini di Avena alle Nocciole € 3,70

Votes: 1

SOTTO LE STELLE Krumì Senatore Cappelli € 3,85

LA FINESTRA SUL CIELO Biscotti Multicereali Mela e Cannella Bio € 2,75

LA FINESTRA SUL CIELO Biscotti Multicereali Bio € 2,55

Votes: 2

FIOR DI LOTO Isola Bio - Nutri+ Avena Integrale 130 grams € 2,95 Fior Di Loto Isola Bio - Nutri+ Avena Integrale 130 grams. Simple and genuine, these Isola Bio Integral Oat Cookies are perfect for finding the right positive charge in the morning. With organic ingredients.

BIO'S Biscotti Proteici Bio € 4,05

PROBIOS Cantuccini with Almond 200 grams € 4,35

Votes: 1 Probios Cantuccini with Almonds 200 grams. Typical Tuscan sweets made with eggs and almonds. Crunchy and delicious they are perfect for breakfast and to soak in Vin Santo or in a dessert wine. Products following the dictates of the ancient regional recipe.

LE MOULIN DU PIVERT Plaisir Speculoos € 3,95

ALCE NERO Frollini al Farro con Gocce di Cioccolato € 3,65 € 3,80

LE MOULIN DU PIVERT Plaisir Earl Grey € 3,90

ALCE NERO Farrociock Fondente € 1,00

Votes: 1

ALCE NERO Farrociock al Latte € 1,00

Votes: 2

ALCE NERO Frollini di Farro € 2,75 € 2,90

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