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KI Lima - Tamari Less Salt 500ml € 11,70

Votes: 4 Ki Lima - Tamari Less Salt 500ml. Organic, naturally brewed soya sauce with 25% less salt than regular soya sauces - gluten free.

PROBIOS Tamari 250ml € 4,30

Votes: 2 Probios Tamari 250ml. From the traditional Japanese receipt, here are Shoyu and Tamari produced in USA. The production process joins traditional and new productive technologies, offering a product with special organoleptic and nutritional qualities.

KI Lima - Strong Tamari 500ml € 11,17

Votes: 3 Not available Lima Strong Tamari 500ml. Soy sauce

VIVIBIO Tamari Salsa di Soia 250 ml € 7,00 Coming soon Vivibio Tamari Salsa di Soia 250 ml. Tamari Salsa di Soia is produced from steamed yellow soy and toasted wheat subjected to a fermentation process through the action of a mushroom.