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Protan USA is the leading company for the production of tanning and malle of the highest quality and allowed in all IFBB competitions.

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PROTAN Competition Sunless Tanning System € 499,99 € 709,99

Votes: 3 ProTan – Competition Sunless Tanning System. Pro Tan® Competition Sunless Tanning System has been created to offer great value while meeting consumer needs and the demands of any high volume salon environment.

PROTAN MUSCLE JUICE Maximum Definition 118,5ml € 8,76

Votes: 3 ProTan – MUSCLE JUICE Maximum Definition. 118,5ml. The ultimate physique presentationand total muscular definition posing oil that will leave your competition in the pump-up room.Formulated exclusively for hot lights, Muscle Juice shows your true muscle definition without creating blind spots. Muscle Juice allows your skin to breathe, limiting perspiratio

PROTAN PRO TAN Overnight Competition Color 250ml € 22,42 € 28,02

Votes: 6 ProTan – Overnight Competition Color 250ml. Delivering Dark, Natural Looking Tans Since 1987! Overnight Competition Color was previously named Instant Competition Color Also available in XXL 16 oz size with continuous spray action! Since 1987 PRO TAN® Overnight Competition Color has been delivering a dark, natural looking tan for top bodybuilders, dancers and models around the globe.

PROTAN SUNNY DAY Golden Glow 237ml € 12,94

Votes: 2 ProTan – Sunny Day Golden glow 237ml. Envision a clear blue sky with the sun shinning down upon you and let Sunny Day® bring you there without any heat. Sunny Day's innovative formula combines an advanced, odorless self tanning ingredient providing you with a long-lasting natural golden color, without the sun, that looks as good as a real tan. Rich moisturizers along with Vitamins A & E and a unique botanical blend of green tea and Kola extracts keeps your skin looking and feeling its very best. Sunny Day's fresh blend of tropical mangos and limes leaves your senses refreshed and your skin deliciously fragrant.

PROTAN Original Muscle Up - HAIR AWAY Gentle 4 Minute Formula 237ml € 12,00

Votes: 6 ProTan – Hair Away 4 Minute Hair Remov 237ml. Remove unwanted body hair quickly and pleasantly with Hair Away, while providing your skin with gentle conditioning care for the smoothest, freshest feeling skin. No more shaving or waxing. Hair Away effectively removes body hair from bikini areas, legs, arms and chest while providing your skin with soothing after conditioning. Hair away removes hair in as little as 5 minutes and is precisely balanced for all skin types, thus eliminating any unnecessary skin irritations, actually removing hair slightly below the skins surface delaying re-growth. Hair Away is fortified with Green Tea, Aloe Vera and rich moisturizers.