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Ultimate Nutrition: continues to excel due to a powerful corporate commitment to excellence in state-of-the-art nutritional supplements

Ultimate Nutrition® was established in 1979 and has been producing nutritional products ever since.
With a reputation for high quality sports nutrition products, Ultimate Nutrition continues to excel due to a powerful corporate commitment to excellence in state-of-the-art nutritional supplements.

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ULTIMATE NUTRITION BCAA 12000 Powder 457 grams € 33,53

Votes: 8 Ultimate Nutrition BCAA 12,000 Powder, 457 grams. It has long been established that protein is an essential nutrient that needs to be obtained from our diets. The ultimate value of a protein source is its amino acid composition. Basically, a protein molecule is a long chain of amino acids linked by peptide bonds (i.e., an amino acid linked to another amino acid). Hundreds of different amino acids exist in nature; however, only twenty-two are typically found as components in human peptides or proteins. These amino acids are joined in varying combinations, each having a distinct amino-acid sequence which determines its specific shape and function. Once digested and absorbed, these amino acids play central roles as building blocks of proteins and as intermediates in metabolism, thereby controlling virtually all cellular process and reactions in living cells. Scientists, experts, and medical professionals all agree that getting enough amino acids in one's diet is an important factor in maintaining proper nutrition. In recent years, especially in the fitness industry, the emphasis has shifted from using protein to consuming specific amino acids.1,2,3 Many physiological processes related to bodybuilding, from energy, recovery, muscle hypertrophy, to strength gains, are linked to amino acids.

ULTIMATE NUTRITION Glutapure 300 capsules € 40,66

Votes: 7 Ultimate Nutrition Glutapure, 300 capsules. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body, comprising more than 60% of the free amino acid pool in skeletal muscle, and greater than 20% of total circulating amino acids.