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+Watt: Each product is made with excellent materials, is based on a solid scientific basis and, above all, the product must meet, understand and interpret the requests and needs of athletes

The ideal of +Watt is simple and straightforward: tell the user what dosages, benefits, but also the limitations inherent in the product.
In one word, tell the "truth".Each product is made with excellent materials, is based on a solid scientific basis and, above all, the product must meet, understand and interpret the requests and needs of athletes.

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+WATT Lattofer+ 30 vegetarian capsules € 27,20 € 34,00

+WATT Liquid Electrolyte+ 450ml € 12,00 € 15,00

+WATT BCAA Liquid Carbo+ 30ml € 1,28 € 1,60

+WATT Top Eggxellent Protein 1 jar € 36,00 € 45,00

Votes: 1

+WATT Sali+ Performance Electrolyte 600 grams € 12,00 € 15,00 +Watt Sali+ Performance Electrolyte 600 grams. Sali+ Performance Electrolyte is a blend of carbohydrates (Vitargo®, maltodextrin and fructose), vitamins, minerals and, unlike Sali+, also contains amino acids, L-carnitine, choline, coenzyme Q10 and caffeine.

+WATT Pure Vitargo 750 grams € 20,00 € 25,00 +Watt Pure Vitargo 750 grams

+WATT Pure Maltodextrin D.E. 19 1000 grams € 10,40 € 13,00 +Watt Pure Maltodextrin D.E. 19 1000 grams

+WATT Sali+ Electrolyte 600 grams € 9,60 € 12,00 +Watt Sali+ Electrolyte 600 grams

+WATT Top 100% XP 750 grams € 34,00 € 42,50 +Watt Top 100% XP 750 grams. The high protein content and great solubility make it a product that is easy to use and ideal for maintaining muscle mass after physical effort and for all those who need protein supplementation.

+WATT Milk Protein 90 750 grams € 26,40 € 33,00 +Watt Milk Protein 90 750 grams. Micellar caseinates have slower absorption and digestibility times than whey proteins, as there is a constant release of amino acids to the muscles.

+WATT Mass Formula 907 grams € 14,40 € 18,00

Votes: 1 +Watt Mass Formula 907 grams. Mass Formula is a balanced and easy digestion mixture, composed of carbohydrates and proteins, with the addition of creatine, glutamine, taurine, lipoic acid, carnitine, vitamins. It is a product developed as a gainer, to provide energy before a workout (at least 2 hours before).

+WATT WheyGhty Protein 80 750 grams € 23,20 € 29,00 +Watt WheyGhty Protein 80 750 grams

+WATT Whey Protein 90 1 sachets € 28,80 € 36,00

+WATT Vit C B Complex 60 tablets € 12,80 € 16,00 +Watt Vit C B Complex 60 tablets

+WATT Professional Blend XP 750 grams € 27,20 € 34,00 + Watt Professional Blend XP 750 grams. Professional Blend XP is a balanced blend of three types of protein with a very high biological value. The first proteins that are absorbed are those of whey: Volac XP, 94% whey proteins obtained from a particular technological process that preserves the nutritional characteristics of the product, almost lactose-free, have been selected.

+WATT Fresh Fit 1 bottle € 1,60 € 2,00 +Watt Fresh Fit

+WATT Peanuts Evo 350 grams € 12,80 € 16,00

Votes: 1 +Watt Peanuts Evo 350 grams. Peanuts EVO is a product of the Quality Food line: it consists of peanut butter to which Volac 90 whey protein has been added to make it even more protein (35 g of protein per 100 g of product) and other ingredients to enhance it nutritionally .

+WATT Veggie Blend 750 grams € 32,80 € 41,00

Votes: 1 +Watt Veggie Blend 750 grams. Food supplement based on pea proteins, rice proteins, potato proteins with spirulina and vitamin B12.

+WATT Tasty Bar 1 bar of 40 grams € 1,76 € 2,20 +Watt Tasty Bar 1 bar of 40 grams. Tasty Bar is a bar with high biological value milk proteins, characterized by a double layer: inside it is clearly seen that it is formed by two mixtures with different tastes, this characteristic makes it particularly good.

+WATT Liquid Carbo+ € 9,60 € 12,00 +Watt Liquid Carbo+ Liquid Carbo + is a balanced solution of simple and complex carbohydrates, capable of supplying the body with energy immediately and in the medium term.

+WATT Dretox+ 450ml € 16,00 € 20,00

Votes: 4 +Watt Dretox+ 450ml. An unbalanced diet and hydration, a stressful and unhealthy lifestyle, can create conditions of accumulation of toxins and water stagnations within the body. Dretox + is a food supplement formulated to obtain a natural mixture suitable for the elimination of excess body fluids, also helping to counteract the unsightly effects of cellulite

+WATT Professional Blend XP 750 grams € 33,60 € 42,00 +Watt Professional Blend XP. Blend based on whey protein, casein, egg protein and Vitamins C, E, B1, B2, B6, B12 Professional Blend XP is a balanced blend of three types of high biological value proteins.

+WATT Fluid Cramp € 2,80 € 3,50

Votes: 1 Fluid Cramp by + Watt is the food supplement based on magnesium, sodium and glycerol in liquid form to speed up absorption, thus reducing the time required to restore the electrolyte balance, in practical ampoules that are easily assumed even during physical performance. The product stimulating energy metabolism is particularly suitable for those who practice endurance but also for those suffering from energy deficits in carrying out daily activities.

+WATT Vitamins & Minerals Strong Formula 30 tablets € 8,80 € 11,00

Votes: 8 Vitamins & Minerals Strong Formula is a multivitamin, multimineral. It is a product useful in particular dietary regimes to supplement the need for vitamins and minerals or to support an increased need due to constant and prolonged physical activity.

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