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Beverages for weight management

Beverages for weight management
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ERBAVOGLIO ErbaPancia - Drink with Fucoxanthin 500ml € 20,80 € 26,00

Votes: 19 ErbaVoglio Erbapancia - with Fucoxanthin Drink 500ml. This drink is to be diluted in one litre of water and to be consumed throughout the course of the day. As a supplement to a low calorie diet it burns excess abdominal fat and helps eliminate excess fluid from the body.

ERBAVOGLIO Mirus Drink - Green Tea 250ml € 16,00 € 20,00

Votes: 2 ErbaVoglio Mirus Drink- Green tea 250ml. Mirus Green tea drink contains a mixture of plants which help to activate the process of organic exchange and to purify the organism. Restores the natural digestive functions and fluid levels improving your figure and general well-being.

ERBAVOGLIO Mirus Drink - Fermented Papaya 250ml € 16,00 € 20,00

Votes: 1 ErbaVoglio Mirus Drink - Papaya 250ml. Nine different natural extracts make this drink an efficient aid against fatigue. It reinforces the anti-oxidising properties and also the immune system and speeds up the metabolism of fat‚ improving general well-being.

MARCO VITI Dr. Viti - Drena Forte 500ml € 8,16 € 19,90 Marco Viti Dr. Viti - Drena Forte 500ml. Drena Forte Ananas is a food supplement with natural sweetener and a careful selection of plant extracts. It stimulates the draining action to eliminate heaviness and swelling, counteract cellulite and stagnation of liquids, dispose of toxins from the whole body.

ABOCA Adiprox Advanced € 28,56 € 34,00

Votes: 2

ALGEM NATURA Slim Detox PANCIA PIATTA 500ml € 18,86 € 22,20

Votes: 1 Algem Natura Slim Detox Pancia Piatta 500ml

ZUCCARI Slim Metabol 888ml € 40,00 € 50,00

Votes: 6 Zuccari Slim Metabol 888ml. Slim Metabol® is a dietary supplement based on plant extracts such as Cassia, Gugul and Coleus, useful to promote the balance of body weight.

ZUCCARI Super Ananas Slim Appetite Control 40 sachets of 2,7 grams € 31,84 € 39,80

Votes: 7 Zuccari Super Ananas Slim Appetite Control 40 sachets of 2,7 grams.Super Pineapple Slim® Appetite Control is a nutritional supplement with Griffonia for the control of hunger.

ABBÉ ROLAND Dima Yellow Dren - Garcinia 500 Dren 500ml € 19,20 € 24,00 Abbé Roland Dima Yellow Dren - Garcinia 500 Dren 500ml. Dietary supplement

PROMOPHARMA Fucus Hydroalcoholic Solution 50ml € 9,76 € 12,20

Votes: 1 Prompharma Fucus Soluzione Idroalcolica 50ml. Dietary supplement - Fucus vesiculosus L.

ZUCCARI Re-Code Platinum 3Pack 3 bottles of 500ml € 72,00 € 90,00

Votes: 3 Zuccari Re-Code Platinum 3Pack 3 bottles of 500ml. Re-code Platinum is the balanced formula developed for the physiological weight control of the 30 + woman

SPECCHIASOL Fermented Papaya Juice 500ml € 18,16 € 22,70

Votes: 3 Specchiasol Papaya Fermentata Succo 500ml. Fermented Papaya is a food supplement with fermented Papaya, enriched with Noni juice, useful for its antioxidant properties.

AVD AttivaTre 250 grams € 25,42 € 29,90

Votes: 4 AVD AttivaTre 250g. Dietary supplement

ZUCCARI Detoxase 10 Days Total Body Reset 10 stick pack of 3 grams € 15,96 € 19,95

Votes: 12 Zuccari Detoxase 10 Days Total Body Reset 10 stick pack of 3 grams. Dietary supplement

ZUCCARI Re-Code Platinum 500ml € 36,00 € 45,00

Votes: 14 Zuccari Re-Code Platinum, dietary supplement for body weight control, 500ml, this food supplement contributes to restoring the correct hormonal balance, which enables the messages transmitted by the hormones to reach our organs as occurred earlier in life

VIVIDUS Papaya Fermentata 500ml € 33,15 € 39,00 Vividus Papaya Fermentata 500ml

FGM04 Thermo 4 Action Liquid 500ml € 19,43 € 25,90

Votes: 7 FGM04 Thermo 4 Action Liquid 500ml. Liquid dietary supplement stimulating the metabolism without the presence of pure caffeine.

ERBA VITA Erba LAX Slim - Liquid Stick 12 liquid sachets of 10ml € 11,90

Votes: 2 Erba Vita Erba LAX Slim - Liquid Stick 12 liquid sachets of 10ml. Promotes intestinal transit.

CELLFOOD Diet Switch 118ml € 33,60 € 42,00

Votes: 6 CellFood Diet Switch 118ml. Dietary supplement

FORZA VITALE Ecosol - EkinFlu 50ml € 21,60 € 24,00

Votes: 4 Forza Vitale Ecosol - Ekinflu® 50ml. Stimulates body's natural defenses.

ERBA VITA Hydroalcoholic Extract - Gymnema Sylvestre 50ml € 10,60

Votes: 2 Erba Vita Estratto Idroalcolico - Gymnema silvestre 50ml. Dietary supplement

ERBA VITA Hydroalcoholic Extract - Bitter Orange 50ml € 10,60

Votes: 2 Erba Vita Estratto Idroalcolico - Arancio amaro 50ml. Dietary supplement

ULTIMATE ITALIA SCT Forte 20 vials of 25ml € 45,00 € 50,00

Votes: 8 Ultimate Italia SCT Forte 20 vials of 25ml. Dietary supplement

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