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Capsules for weight management

Capsules for weight management
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YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Termoned® 30 tablets € 14,44 € 16,99 Yamamoto Research Termoned® 30 tablets. Termoned® is a herbal extract food supplement, with vitamins B1, B2, and B12. The formulation has been designed by selecting Garcinia, Bitter orange, Coleus, White willow and Guarana extracts.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Caffè Verde 30 capsules € 12,74 € 14,99

Votes: 49 Yamamoto® Research Caffè Verde 30 capsules. The Green Coffee food supplement is a good adjunct to be included for the control of body weight, in association with slimming diets. Compared to black coffee, it is able to promote the energy metabolism of fatty acids, having a positive action on the management of blood glucose, acting more gradually and with a longer duration in time.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Lipoxan® 40 capsules € 15,29 € 17,99

Votes: 200 Yamamoto® Research Lipoxan® 40 capsules. Lipoxan® is a food supplement based on CLA, caffeine and plant extracts, suitable for adults to be used in the context of low-calorie diets aimed at weight control. Lipoxan® is an absolutely natural food supplement, which is based on several key support elements ensuring more productive thermogenesis and attacking fat deposits on several fronts. Lipoxan® is a completely natural food supplement, which boasts in its composition 6 trusted and proven allies to encourage the mobilization of excess fatty acids, placing itself as an excellent adjuvant (and not substitute) of low-calorie regimens targeted to weight loss.

YAMAMOTO RESEARCH Hydroxytex® 30 tablets € 8,49 € 9,99

Votes: 95 Yamamoto® Research Hydroxytex® 30 tablets. Hydroxytex® is a garcinia-fruit-extract-based dietary supplement proposed as a low-calorie diet aid for weight management and reduction. In particular, garcinia contributes to lipid metabolism and stablizing body weight. It also helps curb your appetite. In phytotherapy Garcinia Cambogia is used to make weight loss and lower cholesterol levels from the blood.

ERBAVOGLIO Kombutirox € 20,80 € 26,00

Votes: 2

AMAZON SEEDS Organic Moringa 90 capsules € 20,40 € 24,00 AMAZON SEEDS Organic Moringa 90 capsules. Moringa Oleifera Leafs in Organic Powder.

ALTA NATURA Terra Nata - Fucus € 12,75 € 15,00 Alta Natura Terra Nata - Fucus. The herbalist tradition ranks it among the slimming products. Its iodine content, in fact, stimulates the activity of the thyroid, increasing the metabolism of lipids, thus reducing the fat mass.

ABOCA Adiprox Advanced € 24,60 € 30,00

PHARMALIFE Moringa 100% 30 tablets € 10,00 € 12,50 Pharmalife Moringa 100% 25,50 grams. Dietary supplement that regulates intestinal functionsMoringa-based dietary supplement that helps the metabolism of lipids.

ALGEM NATURA Garcinia & Reishi Complex 60 tablets € 20,23 € 23,80

Votes: 5 Algem Natura Garcinia & Reishi Complex 60 tablets

ALGEM NATURA Glicem Control 60 tablets € 15,90 € 18,70 Algem Natura Glicem Control 60 tablets

PHARMALIFE Forskolina 100% 15 tablets € 13,30 € 19,00 Pharmalife Forskolina 100% 15 tablets. Forskolin 100% is a food supplement exclusively based on Coleus barbatus ( Plectranthus barbatus ), a plant extract naturally rich in Forskolin; Coleus is useful for the balance of body weight and supports the digestive function.

PHARMALIFE Myline - Equilibrio 60 tablets € 22,40 € 28,00

Votes: 4 Pharmalife Myline - Equilibrio 60 tablets. Myline Equilibrio is a dietary supplement based on Garcinia and Coleus plant extracts, which help balance the body weight, in association with the Banaba which helps the regularity of intestinal transit.

PHARMALIFE Myline - Controllo 60 tablets € 22,40 € 28,00

Votes: 4 Pharmalife Myline - Controllo 60 tablets. Myline Control is a dietary supplement based on plant extracts useful to stimulate the metabolism and to support the balance of body weight, an action supported by the presence of the extract of Matè leaves; moreover, thanks to the presence of the Griffonia extract, it helps control the sense of hunger.

ABBÉ ROLAND Fase OK Cal 1200 36 tablets € 15,20 € 19,00

Votes: 4 Abbé Roland Fase OK Cal 1200 36 tablets. Food supplement based on Chitosan and Fructooligosaccharides with Bean Protein, Gymnema, Coleus and Bioperine, coadiuvane in the context of controlled low-calorie diets for the reduction of body weight useful to limit the absorption of carbohydrates.

ABBÉ ROLAND Lipotrol Ultra 45 tablets € 21,60 € 27,00

Votes: 1 Abbé Roland Lipotrol Ultra 45 tablets. Food supplement based on Chromium with Sinetrol ws and extracts of bitter orange, cocoa and Gymnema sylvester, useful as an adjuvant in the low-calorie regimes aimed at controlling body weight.

PHARMALIFE Moringa 100% 60 tablets € 16,40 € 20,50

Votes: 6 Pharmalife Moringa 100% 60 tablets. Moringa (Moringa oleifera) is a plant belonging to the Moringaceae family, it grows in India and at the feet of the Himalayas and is cultivated, for the most part, in the equatorial and tropical areas of the planet (Ethiopia, Philippines, Sudan) and in South America ( Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Paraguay and Argentina); It has emerald-green leaves, white flowers and a flavor that resembles that of asparagus.

PROMOPHARMA XanaDiet 100 capsules € 24,80 € 31,00

Votes: 5 Promopharma XanaDiet 100 capsules

NATURE'S BOUNTY Metabolic Garcinia 60 vegetarian capsules € 23,84

Votes: 3 Nature's Bounty Metabolic Garcinia 60 vegetarian capsules. Metabolic Garcinia is a food supplement based on Garcinia and Guaranà

ALTA NATURA SedaFam 30 tablets € 22,53 € 26,50 Alta Natura SedaFam 30 tablets. Naturally supports the feeling of satiety and fullness.

ALTA NATURA Moringa 1000 45 tablets € 15,73 € 18,50

Votes: 2 Alta Natura Moringa 1000 45 tablets. Food supplement based on vegetable extract of Moringa Oleifera.

ALTA NATURA KitoMagro 1000 CarboLipid 45 tablets € 20,40 € 24,00 Alta Natura KitoMagro 1000 CarboLipid 45 tablets. Modulates the intake of nutrients.

ALTA NATURA Citrus Plus LipoDiet 45 tablets € 19,98 € 23,50

Votes: 2 Alta Natura Citrus Plus LipoDiet 45 tablets. It works effectively on the balance of body weight.

SPECCHIASOL Moringa 30 tablets € 10,32 € 12,90 Specchiasol Moringa 30 tablets. Food supplement with sweeteners made from Moringa plant extracts, a plant that works on lipid metabolism and on body weight balance.

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