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Re-Code Platinum 500ml

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Zuccari Re-Code Platinum, dietary supplement for body weight control, 500ml, this food supplement contributes to restoring the correct hormonal balance, which enables the messages transmitted by the hormones to reach our organs as occurred earlier in life

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Zuccari - Re-Code Platinum - IAFSTORE.COM

ZUCCARI Re-Code Platinum
Dietary supplement for body weight control, 500ml
The question
Keep fit… why do all your attempts fail?

The answer
Once past 30, our body starts a hormonal path of ups and downs, of progressive oscillations which are so slow as to be almost imperceptible. This path ends with menopause, when we understand the meaning of those changes we unconsciously experienced over the previous years.
This is why – more often than not – diets do not work!

The solution
re-code, The 3rd generation solution(*)
This food supplement contributes to restoring the correct hormonal balance, which enables the messages transmitted by the hormones to reach our organs as occurred earlier in life, thus reminding our body how it used to lose weight when we were younger, when our organism knew where to collocate the fat masses that reflected the classical image of a woman.
Restoring the equilibrium means re-coding the messages transmitted by the estrogens and to selectively allocate the fat masses at the right points.
The hormon equilibrium is made by an exclusive ZUCCARI's patent called3NERGY.

Mode of use
re-code is easy to take: diluite 25 ml of product in at least 1L water and drink throughout the day.

(*) adjuvant for weight control within a regime of a balanced diet allied to the regular taking of exercise



3NERGY is THE ZUCCARI’s patent that optimizes the assimilation of the phytoestrogens, composed by 3 natural ingredients:

    Isoflavones, which are plant hormones present in many species, are the natural solution to compensate for fluctuations in hormone levels. Since hormonal functioning is determined by molecular structure, and isoflavones are very similar in structure to that of female hormones, they are the most suitable phytoestrogens to compensate for shortages in the female body.
    Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus acidophilus are autochthonous microrganisms which are not always present in a sufficient quantity in the humane intestine. The state of the intestinal flora of each individual is strongly influenced by many factors, therefore, an extra aid to the intestine micro flora is necessary for creating favourable conditions for the complete absorption of the isoflavones.
    It is a molecule present in the peel of the Malus domestica, the common apple.
    Its task is to increase the bioavailability of phytoestrogens by favouring their absorption in the intestines. It is an ingenious molecule which acts like a key opening a door, ensuring access to the isoflavones. Phlorizine has a very similar molecular structure to the isoflavones and probably it primes the intestine to more effectively assimilate its weaker “brothers”.


STORAGE: Keep in a cool dry place

Mean Analysis
(suggested daily dose)
Energy value
Kcal 63,24 / Kj 265,5
Kcal 252,96 / Kj 1062
0,5 g
2 g
Fat 0 0
Carbohydrates 15 g 60 g
of which Sugars 14,5 g  58 g
Fiber 0,62 g 2,48 g
Sodium 0,18 g 0,72 g
Ingredients (25ml): Apple juice concentrate fruit , elder berry juice concentrate , sodium lactate , lemon juice concentrate , acidity regulator: lactic acid, bi- fermented papaya pulp and atomized 500mg, dextrin std . 82 % soluble fiber 500mg, 410mg soluble fiber dextrin . Garcinia cambogia eg std 60 % ac . hydroxycitric acid salt of Ca 400mg , ac hydroxycitric acid from Garcinia 240mg , 250mg marine collagen , horsetail eg std 200mg 1 % silica , silica from horsetail 2mg, eg 4:1200 mg rhubarb root , dandelion eg std 20% inulin 200mg, 40mg inulin dandelion , hawkweed eg std 1 % flavonoid - vitexin 110mg , vitexina from hawkweed 1.1 mg , 2.5% iperoside birch eg std 110 mg , 2.75mg iperoside from birch , gramiogna eg 4:1 110mg , 100mg tamarind juice concentrate , kudzu root eg std 80 % Isoflavones 100mg, 80mg isoflavones from Pueraria lobata , cassia Nomane eg std 100mg 8 % flavonoids , flavonoids from cassia 8mg , 50mg 4:1 eg juniper , goldenrod eg std 6% iperoside 40mg , iperoside by gold bullion 2 4mg , yeast 0.2% std 27.5 mg selenium , selenium yeast 55ug , l- theanine 25mg, sweetener: sucralose , antioxidant: sodium benzoate, a preservative : potassium sorbate , sweet clover eg std 15mg 2 % coumarin , coumarin sweet clover 0.3mg , apple fruit eg std 98% florizina 10mg, florizina by apple 9.8 mg , 4 mg copper sulphate , copper sulphate 1mg, lactobacillus casei tit 150mld / g, lactobacillus acidophilus tit 150mld / g , blueberry eg std 3mg 25% anthocyanosides , anthocyanins by blueberry 0.75mg , 0.33mg chromium picolinate , chromium picolinate 40ug.

Warnings: consult your physician before use in pregnancy, nursing, children under 14 and old people. In acute or chronic disease and for a long time use (more than 6-8 weeks). Don't exceed the recommended daily dosage. Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or to substitude a normal diet. Keep away from children under 3 years old.

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