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AUTAN Defense Gentle 100ml $ 7,79 Autan Defense Gentle 100ml. Defense Gentle is an insectanpeer that quickly defends from mosquitoes up to 7 hours.

AUTAN Defense Plant Based 100ml $ 8,66 Autan Defense Plant Based 100ml. Defense Plant Based is a plant -based repellent derived from the essential oil of the Citriodora Eucalyptus tree which immediately protects from ticks up to 5 hours, from mosquitoes up to 6 hours.

AUTAN Defense Long Protection 100ml $ 9,53 Autan Defense Long Protection 100ml. Defense Long Protection offers long -lasting daytime protection: from common, tropical and tiger mosquitoes up to 10 hours and from ticks up to 12 hours.

AUTAN Defense All Night 100ml $ 8,66 Autan Defense All Night 100ml. Autan Defense All Night is a repellent spray useful to protect yourself from mosquitoes during the day and all night.

AUTAN Defense Tropical 100ml $ 9,53 Autan Defense Tropical 100ml. Defense Tropical is a repellent insect that immediately protects from mosquito stings and other harassing insects: common mosquitoes (Culex pipiens) and tropical (Anopheles Stephensi) up to 8 hours, ticks and tafani up to 3 hours.

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