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CAGNOLA Pasticche Balsamiche 60 grams $ 3,43 $ 4,91 Cagnola Pasticche Balsamiche 60 grams. Ancient recipe from the Bavarian Alps based on propolis and balsamic substances.

CAGNOLA Allderma - Gel Ragadi Mani e Piedi 12 ml $ 8,77 $ 12,54 Cagnola Allderma - Gel Ragadi Mani e Piedi 12 ml. Allderma - Hand and Foot Cracking Gel is an advanced liquid patch that forms a discreet and effective protective film, a targeted action against cracks in the hands, feet, knuckles, knees and elbows.

CAGNOLA Anguraté Erba del Perù 25 sachets $ 8,77 $ 12,54 Cagnola Anguraté Erba del Perù 25 sachets. Anguratè or Mentzelia cordifolia is a plant of the Peruvian folk tradition to counteract swelling, stomach acidity and promote digestion. The Andean herbaceous plant comes from spontaneous and uncultivated harvesting, to obtain the maximum concentration of the active principles developed in the spontaneous state.

CAGNOLA Gastrolum 14 sachets of 10ml $ 11,06 $ 15,81

Votes: 3 Cagnola Gastrolum 14 sachets of 10ml. Food supplement in liquid form Emollient and Soothing the digestive system, thanks to prickly pear, snail extract and hyaluronic acid.

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