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Catalitic Oligoelementi Manganese Rame 20 vials of 2ml

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Cemon Catalitic Oligoelementi Manganese Rame 20 vials of 2ml. Catalytic oligotherapy is a method based on the use of trace elements as biocatalysts for the treatment of functional manifestations, according to the theory of "diathesis".

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Cemon - Catalitic Oligoelementi Manganese Rame - IAFSTORE.COM
Dietary supplement
Catalytic oligotherapy is a method based on the use of trace elements as biocatalysts for the treatment of functional manifestations, according to the theory of "diathesis".

It is a method introduced, in the 1930s, by the French doctor Jacques Ménétrier who made use of the preliminary works of Gabriel Bertrand.

According to catalytic oligotherapy, the modern lifestyle, characterized by a lack of nutrients due to the transformation processes of the food industry, the methods of cooking food, stress and alterations in the body's acid-base balance , causes a metabolic imbalance responsible for various forms of functional disorders of the human being.

The doses of oil-trace elements used in catalytic oligotherapy are, in most cases, very close to the physiological needs, furthermore the ionized form of CATALITIC allows the use of much lower doses with greater efficiency as they arrive directly into the bloodstream, without having to digest them to be assimilated, accelerating the recovery time of the state of health.
Corresponds to type II diathesis, that is, the reaction syndrome. Hypostenic-Infectious; adjuvant in case of hypo-reactive symptoms, with a propensity and an extreme frequency of infections accompanied by abnormal fatigue.
DIRECTIONS: 1 to 2 ampoules a day (or every other day), half in children, or according to the doctor's opinion. Open the vial and pour the contents into the mouth, hold back a few seconds before swallowing
Nutrition information for 1 vial (2 ml)
Manganese 0.644mg
Copper 0,502mg
Ingredients: Manganese 0,644mg / 2ml; Copper 0,502mg / 2ml. Excipients: water (86.50%); Maltose syrup (13.45%); Currant flavoring (0.05%)

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