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CERULISINA Cerulicono - Cono per l'Igiene dell'Orecchio 2 cones $ 5,14 $ 8,28 Cerulisina Cerulicono - Cono per l'Igiene dell'Orecchio 2 cones. It facilitates the removal of ear wax from the ears thanks to the heat produced by the walls of the cone: the smoke reaches the barrier of the eardrum and softens the ear wax, which is then sucked outwards. It is equipped with a flame-blocking ring that stops the treatment at the right time by extinguishing the flame when two thirds of the cone has burned out.

CERULISINA Repair $ 13,24 $ 17,88

CERULISINA Fast Spray Auricolare $ 9,67 $ 16,68

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