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PURESSENTIEL Roller Rotondità Ribelli 75ml $ 14,18

Votes: 2 Puressentiel Roller Rotondità Ribelli 75ml. The dynamic massage of adipose tissues is recognized to improve the aesthetic appearance of cellulite on rebellious and diet-resistant areas (thighs, buttocks, belly ...). The lipolevigating mechanical action of the massaging sphere of the Rebellious Roundness Roller, associated with the heart of 18 essential oils with firming and toning properties, acts as a "steam roller of roundness" and allows to visibly smooth the skin and improve the appearance of deposits localized fat and roundness. Its 99.8% formula of natural origin penetrates quickly.

ERBAVOGLIO XU - Ultra Active Anti Cellulite Cream 250ml $ 40,74

Votes: 1 ErbaVoglio XU - Ultra Active Crema Anticellulite 250ml. Cellulite cream

ERBAVOGLIO XU - Ice Essential Cooling 50ml $ 21,34

Votes: 6 ErbaVoglio XU - Ice Essential Cooling 50ml. An efficient blend of essential oils which work together to create a cooling sensation that consequently tones and tightens lax tissues.

ERBAVOGLIO XU Ultra Active - Anticellulite Herbal Mud 250ml $ 27,16

Votes: 3 ErbaVoglio XU - Ultra Active Anticellulite Herbal mud 250ml. This treatment restores shape and tone to those who suffer from cellulite. Melts away inches of fat and cellulite quickly and produces long lasting results.

ERBAVOGLIO XU Ultra Active - Anticellulite Cream 150ml $ 27,16

Votes: 4 ErbaVoglio XU - Ultra Active Anticellulite Cream 150ml. The liposome and vitamin E contained in this cream make it an excellent cosmetic product.

ERBAVOGLIO XU - Cooling Cream 150ml $ 31,04

Votes: 3 ErbaVoglio Cooling Cream 150ml. This is an innovative formula designed for those of us who do not tolerate thermo-active creams. Cellulite is treated using a heat reducing cream that tones and firms the tissues.

DR. ORGANIC Organic Royal Jelly - Cellulite Cream 200ml $ 17,47

Votes: 12 Dr. Organic Organic Royal Jelly - Cellulite Cream. Our revolutionary cellulite cream utilises the unique properties found in this incredibly active ingredient and is formulated using researched and tested anti-cellulite extracts.

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MIAMO Body Box Rassodante 200 ml $ 65,43 Miamo Body Box Rassodante 200 ml. Body Box Rassodante is a box for remodeling treatment against cellulite imperfections.

RVB LAB Meso Shape - Kit Azione Urto 2 bandages + 150 ml $ 54,39 Rvb Lab Meso Shape - Kit Azione Urto 2 bandages + 150 ml. Meso Shape - Shock Action Kit is a shock action remodeling treatment for thighs, hips and stomach.

IODASE Dren - Crema Gel Drenante e Levigante 200ml $ 30,52 Iodase Dren - Crema Gel Drenante e Levigante 200ml. Cosmetic treatment in cream formulated to counteract the imperfections of cellulite, in the presence of strong water retention, giving relief to legs that present a feeling of swelling and heaviness.

RVB LAB Meso Cell - Limo Crema 3 in 1 250 ml $ 42,08 Rvb Lab Meso Cell - Limo Crema 3 in 1 250 ml. Meso Cell - Limo Crema 3 in 1 is an absorbable cream enhanced with phosphatidylcholine and aescin with high penetration capacity. It is a multi-action shock treatment, ideal for lightening tissues weighed down by water retention, micro and macro cellulite nodules, adiposity. localized.

RVB LAB Meso Shape - Benda Iperattiva Modellante 1 bandage $ 21,48 Rvb Lab Meso Shape - Benda Iperattiva Modellante 1 bandage. Meso Shape - Benda Iperattiva Modellante is a remodeling treatment with shock action for thighs, hips and belly.

MIAMO Cellulite Multi-Action Emulgel 200 ml $ 65,43 Miamo Cellulite Multi-Action Emulgel 200 ml. Cellulite Multi-Action Emulgel is a hot-cold effect emulgel formulated with functional ingredients that act in synergy with the aim of counteracting the skin imperfections of cellulite at various levels, both in the initial and advanced stages.

IODASE Sport Lipobreak - B-Side $ 29,65 Iodase Sport Lipobreak - B-Side 200ml. Toning and remodeling cream, recommended for the legs and buttocks area. B-side contains two active ingredients with proven efficacy: a phytocomplex from a carnivorous plant (Drosera Ramentacea), which visibly reduces the imperfections of fat.

FGM04 Hot Mud Anti-Cellulite Blueberry 650 grams $ 37,54 Fgm04 Hot Mud Anti-Cellulite Blueberry 650g

HELAN Alghe Cell - Toning Remodelling Cream 200ml $ 30,52

Votes: 6 Helan Alghe Cell - Toning Remodelling Cream 200ml. An impact formula, by virtue of the ideal concentration of natural active ingredients dissolved in a matrix of vegetable oils and esters, which favors its delivery with a triple action:

HELAN Alghe Cell - Intensive Mud Cream 200ml $ 30,52

Votes: 4 Helan Alghe Cell - Intensive Mud Cream 200ml. An innovative concentration of NATURAL ACTIVES in a creamy mud with high absorbability and instant and instant application.

HELAN Cynara Cell - Superactive Elasticizing Fluid 125ml $ 26,16

Votes: 6 Helan Cynara Cell - Superactive Elasticizing Fluid 125ml. Cynaracell Superactive Fluid is an instant effect product of pleasant application, a true condensation of activity to facilitate the reduction of fats without using iodine or its derivatives and to improve the microcirculation and to redensify the tissues.

IODASE Iodase Actisom Cream 220ml $ 30,52

Votes: 4 Iodase Actisom Crema 220ml. Cream is the specific treatment for combating the imperfections of cellulite even its advanced stages.

IODASE Iodase Biocosmeceutica Anticellulite Cream 220ml $ 32,87

Votes: 1 Iodase Biocosmeceutica Anticellulite Crema 220ml. Biocosmeceutical natural cream treatment, studied for contrasting the imperfections caused by cellulite, with a smoothing and shaping action.

FGM04 Visna Forte - Legs and Buttocks 200ml $ 41,92

Votes: 14 FGM04 Visna Forte - Gambe e Glutei 200ml. Visna Forte Donna is a cosmetic gel with Visnadine and Phosphatidylcholine structured to help the contrast of blemishes caused by cellulite and localized fat.

FGM04 Lipo Step Mirtillo 200ml $ 34,77

Votes: 5 Fgm04 Lipo Step Mirtillo. Cosmetic product that, unlike all others, helps the contrast of imperfections caused by cellulite.

FGM04 Cryo Redux System Gel 200ml $ 34,86

Votes: 5 Fgm04 Cryo Redux System Gel. Cosmetic emulsion typically addressed to the contrast of imperfections caused by the localized accumulation of fat and by cellulite

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