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Eyebrows pencils

Add definition to your brows: densifying pencils, buildable effect, waterproof gel creams. Frame your gaze; it starts from here.

Eyebrows pencils
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AVÈNE Couvrance - Matita Correttore Sopracciglia 100 ml $ 14,88 $ 18,30 Avène Couvrance - Matita Correttore Sopracciglia 100 ml. Avène Eyebrow Concealer Pencil makes up and softens imperfections with precision and in a natural way thanks to the lead on one side and the brush on the other. Harmoniously illuminates the look. High hiding Energy. Impalpable mattifying formula, easy to apply for a very natural result.

RVB LAB Matita Sopracciglia Alta Definizione 100 ml $ 18,56 $ 20,62 Rvb Lab Matita Sopracciglia Alta Definizione 100 ml. Two shades of automatic technology eyebrow pencils with retractable tip. The ultra-thin lead with a medium-soft texture allows high precision of the line allowing you to define and fill in the eyebrows, from a naturally defined to fuller effect. Impeccable long-lasting result with a simple and essential gesture.

RVB LAB Matita Sopracciglia 100 ml $ 19,22 $ 21,35 Rvb Lab Matita Sopracciglia 100 ml. Precise and easily blendable stroke. Ideal for filling gaps in a sparse brow bone.

ROUGJ Glam Tech - Matita Sopracciglia $ 14,05 $ 15,62 Rougj Glam Tech - Matita Sopracciglia. Eyebrow pencil with a soft and creamy texture that redensifies the eyebrow line in a single gesture, for a naturally more intense look.

BIONIKE Defence Color - Natural Brow Sculpting matita sopracciglia 3,5ml $ 10,98 $ 18,30 Bionike Defence Color - Natural Brow Sculpting matita sopracciglia 3,5ml. Automatic eyebrow sculpting pencil. Sliding texture and oblique cut lead for a modular and precise application. With applicator for blending and combing. Recommended for drawing and correcting the shape of the eyebrows, and filling in less defined areas. Contains: - texturizing agent (sericite) which improves the skin-feel, giving adhesion; - carnauba wax and triglycerides that make the texture consistent, but soft for precise and smooth writing. Nickel, chromium, cobalt tested. Preservative free. Gluten free. Fragrance free.

PUROBIO COSMETICS Matita Sopracciglia con Scovolino 1 kit $ 7,58 $ 8,42 Purobio Cosmetics Matita Sopracciglia con Scovolino 1 kit. Its hard and precise lead is ideal for filling eyebrows and eliminating blemishes caused by a lack of hair or a shape error. The brush is very useful for combing and blending the color. Also excellent as an eyeliner.

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