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Say it with a look. All the products to create a guaranteed effortless eye look.

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BIONIKE Defence Color - Eyelumiere Ombretto Illuminante 3,5 ml $ 15,36 $ 19,20 Bionike Defence Color - Eyelumiere Ombretto Illuminante 3,5 ml. Illuminating eyeshadow with a creamy and velvety formula that enhances the look giving a bright and sophisticated result.

ROUGJ Ètoile - Matita Occhi Nera $ 3,00 $ 4,79 Rougj Ètoile - Matita Occhi Nera

BIONIKE Defence Color - Infinity Mascara 11ml $ 16,08 $ 24,00 Bionike Defence Color - Infinity Mascara 11ml. Elastic and enveloping formula that, in a few gestures, plasma and stretches the eyelashes. The special silicone applicator combs and models perfectly eyelashes.

BIONIKE Defence Color - Mascara 3D WP 11ml $ 17,52 $ 24,00 Bionike Defence Color - Mascara 3D WP 11ml. Mascara with immediate water resistant 3D effect: thick, long and curved eyelashes in one gesture for a test of tears and moisture.

RVB LAB Matita Occhi Water Resistant 1 pencil $ 17,82 $ 19,80 Rvb Lab Matita Occhi Water Resistant 1,2 grams. Super pearlescent green gold-colored external eye pencil, long-lasting and water resistant, perfect for outlining the eyes or for creating shades that give depth to every look.

RVB LAB Natural Instinct - Palette Ombretti 6 grams $ 34,02 $ 37,80 Rvb Lab Natural Instinct - Palette Ombretti 6 grams. A palette of four eyeshadows in compact powder that contains rich and blendable shades of natural tones, in a range of pearly and matt finishes.

RVB LAB Matita Occhi 1 eye pencil $ 18,25 $ 20,28

Votes: 1 Rvb Lab Matita Occhi 1 eye pencil. Innovative external eye pencil, which combines professional performance with comfort and ease of use. The texture is creamy and easy to apply, for an immediate result. Long lasting, no transfer, water resistant.

RVB LAB Ombretto Essenziale 2 grams $ 21,49 $ 23,88

Votes: 2 Rvb Lab Ombretto Essenziale 2 grams. Silky texture for high blendability. Long lasting and immediate writing.

ROUGJ FortyOne - Siero 10 ml $ 15,92 $ 20,16 Rougj FortyOne - Siero 10 ml. FortyOne Mascara is the object of every woman's desire, for telescope effect lashes. Thanks to its formula, Forty-One Mascara separates the lashes, defines them and makes them appear considerably longer, giving a deep and seductive look.

AVÈNE Couvrance - Mascara Alta Tollerabilità 7 ml $ 16,15 $ 23,40 Avène Couvrance - Mascara Alta Tollerabilità 7 ml. Avène Mascara High Tolerance is dedicated to sensitive eyes and eyelids.

AVÈNE Couvrance - Matita Correttore Sopracciglia 100 ml $ 12,42 $ 18,00 Avène Couvrance - Matita Correttore Sopracciglia 100 ml. Avène Eyebrow Concealer Pencil makes up and softens imperfections with precision and in a natural way thanks to the lead on one side and the brush on the other. Harmoniously illuminates the look. High hiding Energy. Impalpable mattifying formula, easy to apply for a very natural result.

RVB LAB Eyebrow Cream - Delineatore Sopracciglia in Crema 4 ml $ 21,49 $ 23,88 Rvb Lab Eyebrow Cream - Delineatore Sopracciglia in Crema 4 ml. RVB Lab Eyebrow Cream - Eyebrow Delineator in Cream defines, fills, outlines and shapes eyebrows with precision. Buildable texture, perfect adhesion, quick drying and smudge-free. Suitable for all types of eyebrows. Waterproof.

RVB LAB Matita Sopracciglia Alta Definizione 100 ml $ 18,25 $ 20,28 Rvb Lab Matita Sopracciglia Alta Definizione 100 ml. Two shades of automatic technology eyebrow pencils with retractable tip. The ultra-thin lead with a medium-soft texture allows high precision of the line allowing you to define and fill in the eyebrows, from a naturally defined to fuller effect. Impeccable long-lasting result with a simple and essential gesture.

RVB LAB Matita Sopracciglia 100 ml $ 18,90 $ 21,00 Rvb Lab Matita Sopracciglia 100 ml. Precise and easily blendable stroke. Ideal for filling gaps in a sparse brow bone.

ROUGJ Mascara Long Lasting 24H 10 ml $ 4,38 $ 7,19 Mascara Long Lasting 24H. Long-lasting curling and volumizing mascara, gives the lashes a fantastic panoramic volume making them thicker, shinier and ultra black. Per a breathtaking look 24 hours a day. The spiral-shaped fiber brush makes it very performing on a curling and volumizing mascara.

ROUGJ Glam Tech - Jumbo Ombretto $ 15,12 $ 16,80 Rougj Glam Tech - Jumbo Ombretto. A versatile product that can be used as an eyeshadow, pencil or eyeliner. Its lead in a maxi melting and sliding format allows you to color the eyelids, easily draw a make-up with a graphic shape or create an XXL eyeliner stroke.

ROUGJ Glam Tech - Matita Sopracciglia $ 13,82 $ 15,36 Rougj Glam Tech - Matita Sopracciglia. Eyebrow pencil with a soft and creamy texture that redensifies the eyebrow line in a single gesture, for a naturally more intense look.

ROUGJ Glam Tech - Eyeliner Pelo $ 17,28 $ 19,20 Rougj Glam Tech - Eyeliner Pelo. Liquid eyeliner with an intense black color and a matt finish. Its water resistant formula is able to resist humidity and sweat.

ROUGJ Glam Tech - Eyeliner Stylo $ 17,28 $ 19,20

Votes: 1 Rougj Glam Tech - Eyeliner Stylo. Long-lasting black eyeliner in pen characterized by a fluid and light fast-drying formula. It allows you to easily define the look in a single gesture.

ROUGJ Glam Tech - Mascara Sopracciglia $ 12,96 $ 14,40 Rougj Glam Tech - Mascara Sopracciglia. High coverage creamy textured eyebrow mascara. The high percentage of pigments contained, guarantees a very high color release able to redraw or correct any holes.

ROUGJ Matita Occhi Long Lastin 24H $ 14,16 $ 17,76

Votes: 1 Rougj Matita Occhi Long Lastin 24H. Incredibly water and sweat resistant eye pencil that allows fast and lasting application. Its formula is rich in synthetic resins that help create a precise, intense and long-lasting stroke.

ROUGJ Mascara Extra Volume Black Ev 10,5 ml $ 4,92 $ 7,19

Votes: 2 Rougj Mascara Extra Volume Black Ev 10,5 ml. Full-bodied mascara that generously colors the lashes making them long and thick. The black color is pure and intense, for a luminous impact that enhances the look and turns the spotlight on the eyes. The excellent spreadability of the texture is given by the particular flexibility of the film that adheres to the lashes, combing and separating them with great ease. The formula is also enriched with Panthenol, an active ingredient that takes care of the lashes and significantly improves their appearance. Without parabens. It does not irritate. Ophthalmologist tested. Tested for nickel, chromium and cobalt. Dermatologically tested.

ROUGJ Mascara Eva 8 ml $ 4,92 $ 7,19 Rougj Mascara Eva 8 ml. Black mascara with a precious look characterized by a creamy texture, a pure and intense black color that envelops the lashes, colors them making them thick and long. The ultra-glossy formulation sublimates the lashes making them shiny, for an impeccable result that lasts all day. In a single product and with a simple gesture, you immediately get a bewitching and seductive look. Beautiful medium-sized brush with a "woman" shape to collect the product on the sides and release it massively on the lashes. The stiff fiber and the arrangement of the medium density Fibre collects a good amount of product to obtain a false eyelash effect and extreme elongation.

ROUGJ Mascara Golden Eva 3 ml $ 7,18 $ 8,16 Mascara Golden Eva 3 ml. Curling black mascara, gives the lashes movement and thickness! The curling and volumizing formula allows you to give body and size, as well as lift the lashes one by one in a single gesture. The formula contains carbon black that does not smudge and flake, and gives the lashes an intense black color! In addition, there are functional active substances in the formula that increase and maintain the curving effect for a long-lasting magnetic look! Without parabens. It does not irritate. Ophthalmologist tested. Tested for nickel, chromium and cobalt. Dermatologically tested.

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