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Lip Gloss

Shiny textures and bright colours suitable for all situations. Choose your lip gloss and enhance your make up for a unique result.

Lip Gloss
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RVB LAB Magical Lip - Balsamo Labbra 14ml $ 22,95 $ 25,50 Rvb Lab Magical Lip - Balsamo Labbra 14ml. The magic reveals itself on the lips. Transparent stick containing invisible pigments that react in contact with the pH of the lips, releasing a slight toning and giving a unique and personalized result.

RVB LAB Lucidalabbra 6 ml $ 20,31 $ 22,57 Rvb Lab Lucidalabbra 6 ml. Soft texture with intense shine. It adheres perfectly to the lips for a luminous and sparkling effect. Ideal for dressing the lips with iridescent reflections.

BIONIKE Defence Color - Liplumiere luce e colore 2ml $ 11,71 $ 19,52 Bionike Defence Color - Liplumiere luce e colore 2 ml. Gloss with a brilliant finish, gives the lips a delicate veil of luminous color. Protective and emollient texture, for a comfortable and natural result. Available in 6 shades. Properties Tocopherol, beta-sitosterol: protective antioxidants. Squalene: emollient, protective. Filters: UVA-UVB (SPF 15).

BIONIKE Defence Color - Crystal LipGloss 6 ml $ 10,98 $ 18,30 Bionike Defence Color - Crystal LipGloss 6 ml. Creamy and enveloping formula, not sticky. Ultra-fine micro-pearls make the color multi-faceted and enhance the shape and volume of the lips. Comfort and protection thanks to the exclusive "Glow Factor" active pool. Recommended for decorative cosmetics of the lips of subjects with sensitive and intolerant skin. Available in 7 shades: opal, bonbon, corail, fraise, fuchsia, mure and brun.

PUROBIO COSMETICS Lip Tint Rossetto Liquido 4,8 ml $ 14,16 $ 15,74

Votes: 1 Purobio Cosmetics Lip Tint Rossetto Liquido 4,8 ml. Highly pigmented and with a velvety formulation, this lipstick is comfortable on the lips.

PUROBIO COSMETICS Lip Gloss 4,8ml $ 11,97 $ 13,30 Purobio Cosmetics Lip Gloss 4,8ml. The innovative creamy formula, completely transparent and not at all sticky makes this gloss pleasant on the lips.

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