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Extend the hold of your make-up: discover the face line between mattifying and illuminating primers. An essential product ideal for reducing pores, smoothing the complexion and making you unique.

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RVB LAB Base Trucco Levigante 30 ml $ 25,81 $ 28,68 Rvb Lab Base Trucco Levigante 30 ml. Creamy, soft and non-greasy texture, with an easy and fast application. Ideal to facilitate the subsequent application of makeup and prolong its hold.

BIONIKE Defence Color - Primer Base uniformante 30 ml $ 23,81 $ 37,20 Bionike Defence Color - Primer Base uniformante 30 ml. Uniforming base for face and eyes ideal for all skin types. Light and comfortable, it sublimates the complexion making it perfectly smooth. Minimizes pores and imperfections, reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Non-occlusive silicone formula, with high smoothness, with texturizing agent that guarantees a silky sensation and long-lasting comfort. Recommended for Improving the application and prolonging the hold of make-up.

PUROBIO COSMETICS Primer - Loose Powder 5 grams $ 8,53 $ 9,48

Votes: 1 Purobio Cosmetics Primer - Loose Powder 5 grams. The silky powder texture, enriched with rice powder, silica and corn starch, fixes cream products thanks to its high absorbency, while the presence of mica gives brightness.

PUROBIO COSMETICS Primer - Base Pelle 30ml $ 15,66 $ 17,40 Purobio Cosmetics Primer - Base Pelle 30ml. The PuroBio Cosmetics primer for dry skin, nourishes and smoothes the skin giving a velvety effect.

PUROBIO COSMETICS Primer - Base Occhi 7ml $ 8,53 $ 9,48

Votes: 1 Not available Purobio Cosmetics Primer - Base Occhi 7ml. The PuroBio Cosmetics eye primer is a specific product to improve and extend the life of eye make-up.

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