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What are the discount codes?

The discount Codes are codes that give you an immediate additional discounts on IAFSTORE.
But beware: all discount codes do not last forever: do not let them expire!

Active Discount Codes


How to use the discount codes

To use IAFstore discount code is very easy:

  1. Login to the website
  2. Make you usual shopping on IAFstore, and add products to the cart
  3. Go to the cart page, and in the "Discount code" field, highlighted from the image you see below, enter the code you want to use for the purchase, and for products related to that code will apply its additional discount!
  4. Now you can continue and conclude the order

Where do I enter the code?

Please log in, go to your cart, and enter the code in the box at the bottom



  • discount codes cannot be combined with any aother offers on the website
  • products marked by green color are in offer and cannot be discounted
  • +WATT, ETHICSPORT, NAMED and NAMED SPORT products cannot be discounted


Need some help?

 If you have questions for us, you can always: