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DERMON Dermon Crema Mani $ 5,04 $ 8,39 Dermon Dermon Crema Mani

DERMON Dermon Dermico Doccia Schiuma $ 8,18 $ 13,63

Votes: 1

DERMON Detergente Doccia Delicato 400 ml $ 7,52 $ 12,54

Votes: 6 Dermon Detergente Doccia Delicato 400 ml. A very gentle, no-foam shower bath. Its reduced formulation makes it particularly gentle, suitable for all skin types and for frequent use.

DERMON Detergente Intimo pH 4,5 500ml $ 8,50 $ 14,17 Not available Dermon Detergente Intimo pH 4,5 500ml. Since the most delicate area of ​​the body deserves the maximum of delicacy, we have created an intimate detergent with the essential to protect, regenerate and refresh. Also tested on sensitive mucousies, it is suitable for daily and frequent use.

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