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Dicoflor probiotic supplements are indicated in case of intestinal dysbiosis.

Dicoflor is a line of probiotic-based supplements useful in case of intestinal dysbiosis due to diseases, use of antibiotics, food intolerances, stress. Dicoflor prebiotics work by rebalancing the intestinal bacterial flora and repopulating the intestine with beneficial bacterial strains.

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DICOFLOR Dicoflor Kids $ 18,56 Dicoflor Dicoflor Kids. Dicoflor Kids is a food supplement based on probiotics, indicated to promote the balance of the intestinal bacterial flora.

DICOFLOR Dicoflor Elle $ 18,31

Votes: 1

DICOFLOR Dicoflor Plus $ 18,78

DICOFLOR Dicoflor Elle Med $ 20,64

DICOFLOR Dicoflor Elle $ 29,57

Votes: 1

DICOFLOR Dicoflor 60 15 sachets $ 18,41

Votes: 1 Dicoflor Dicoflor 60 15 sachets

DICOFLOR Dicoflor Immuno D3 $ 18,78

Votes: 2

DICOFLOR Dicoflor 30 $ 15,95

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DICOFLOR Dicoflor Complex Junior $ 15,77

DICOFLOR Dicoflor 60 20 capsules $ 20,64 Not available Dicoflor Dicoflor 60 20 capsules

DICOFLOR Dicoflor Gocce $ 17,83 Not available

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