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Detox Piedi - Zenzero 8 plasters

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Dlg Salus Detox Piedi - Zenzero 8 plasters. The Ginger Tea Foot Detox Patches regularly cleanse our bodies of accumulated toxins, due to gravity the toxins tend to accumulate on our feet .

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Dlg Salus - Detox Piedi - Zenzero - IAFSTORE.COM

Medical device
The Ginger Tea Foot Detox Patches regularly cleanse our bodies of accumulated toxins, due to gravity the toxins tend to accumulate on our feet .

The detox patches contain 100% natural ingredients that stimulate these points thanks to the combined action of natural products such as wood vinegar (Bamboo), herbs and grass extracts.

This stimulation purifies the body of toxins, stimulates metabolism and blood circulation, improves the functions of vital organs, relieves tension and fatigue, improves sleep and replenishes vital energy.
DIRECTIONS:  the use of the patches is very simple, just apply them on the soles of the feet in the evening before charging and thus be able to benefit from their effects and detoxifying action during the night in a simple and effective way.
  1.  Wash your feet by removing any residue of cream or oils;
  2.  Peel off the liner from the adhesive sheet of the patch;
  3.  Apply the patches to both soles of your feet;
  4. The next morning, as soon as you wake up, remove the patches and clean your feet thoroughly.
Per best results, apply the patch for at least 8 hours.

Customer Reviews (1)

cerotti detox ottimi per…
by USER ID 501988 on 06/04/2021
cerotti detox ottimi per riequilibrio psicofisico, su usano di sera sotto il plantare del piede pulito mettendo sopra un calzino per non farli scivolare. si tengono per tutta la notte al mattino seguente si lava il piede il cerotto rimane di colore scuro perche assorbe le tossine. sono già predisposti per attaccarli direttamente sulla pianta del piede. ottimo prodotto ho provato tutti tipi- consiglio:))))))
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