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DUCRAY Anacaps - Progressiv 30 capsules $ 23,99 $ 34,77

Votes: 4 Ducray Anacaps - Progressiv 30 capsules. Food supplement that contributes to hair health. With zinc, iron, selenium, molybdenum, vitamins B2, B5, B6, B8, B9, C, E and PP.

DUCRAY Dexyane Crema Barriera 100 ml $ 11,96 $ 17,33 Ducray Dexyane Crema Barriera 100 ml. This isolating cream is specially formulated for the daily care of dry skin prone to irritation or atopic eczema. Suitable for the whole family from birth, for face, body and hands. Creates an invisible and durable protective film on the skin that helps isolate itself from external aggressions.

DUCRAY Anaphase+ - Shampoo Caduta dei Capelli 200 ml $ 11,21 $ 16,24 Ducray Anaphase+ - Shampoo Caduta dei Capelli 200 ml. Anaphase cosmetic products + Hair Loss Shampoo is ideal as a complement to all anti-hair loss treatments. Fortifies and adds volume. Anaphase + Shampoo completes the anti-hair loss and fortifying action of treatments (lotions and food supplements). Very well tolerated, it can be used whenever you want.

DUCRAY Dexyane Balsamo Emolliente 200 ml $ 14,97 $ 21,69 Ducray Dexyane Balsamo Emolliente 200 ml. Ducray Cosmetic Dexyane Emollient Balm is a daily face and body dermocosmetic treatment for very dry, atopic-prone skin.

DUCRAY Densiage Siero Ridensificante 3 vials of 30ml $ 39,03 $ 56,57

Votes: 3 Ducray Densiage Siero Ridensificante 3 vials of 30ml. The combination of Albizia and Ginseng counteracts oxidative stress and, thanks to the massage, improves skin microcirculation for immediate and long-lasting effectiveness. Immediate effect: increases the diameter of the hair.

DUCRAY Anacaps - Reactiv 30 capsules $ 23,99 $ 34,77

Votes: 2 Ducray Anacaps - Reactiv 30 capsules. Food supplement that contributes to hair health. With sulfur amino acids, iron, selenium, molybdenum, vitamins B6, B8, PP and E.

DUCRAY Densiage 3 x 30 tablets $ 42,12 $ 61,04 Ducray Densiage 3 x 30 tablets. Food supplement that helps keep hair healthy.

DUCRAY Anacaps Reactiv 3 confezioni da 30 capsules $ 48,06 $ 69,65

Votes: 2 Ducray Anacaps Reactiv 3 confezioni da 30 capsules. Ducray Anacaps Reactiv is a food supplement Anacaps Reactiv brings biotin (Vit. B8) to the hair bulb, which helps maintain healthy hair and vitamin B6 which contributes to the normal synthesis of cysteine. Furthermore, vitamins PP and B6, as well as iron, contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Anacaps Reactiv also contains vitamin E which helps protect cells from oxidative stress.

DUCRAY Anacaps - Progressiv 3 confezioni da 30 capsules $ 48,06 $ 69,65 Ducray Anacaps - Progressiv 3 confezioni da 30 capsules. Ducray Anacaps Progressiv 3 x 30 Capsules is a food supplement specially created to durably preserve hair density. The hair is made up of keratin in which cysteine. The vitality of the hair and the correct functioning of the hair cycle can be influenced by chronic factors whose evolution is progressive or occurs in repeated episodes. This dietary supplement provides the bulb: - Biotin, zinc, selenium which participate in the maintenance of normal hair, - Vitamin B6 which contributes to the successful synthesis of cysteine ​​and helps to maintain normal hormonal activity. - Vitamins C, B2, E help protect cells from oxidative damage.

DUCRAY Ictyane Crema Mani 50ml $ 6,09 $ 8,83

Votes: 3 Ducray Ictyane Crema Mani 50ml. Ictyane Hand Cream is characterized by a unique TGS * thermo-protective complex, associated with shea butter, helping to restructure the “damaged” epidermis. Its innovative texture allows easy application and rapid penetration, for an invisible and non-greasy effect.

DUCRAY Shampoo Extra Delicato 200ml $ 8,20 $ 11,88 Ducray Shampoo Extra Delicato 200ml. This shampoo is suitable for the whole family. Thanks to its delicate formula, the Extra Delicate shampoo respects the scalp, disciplines the hair and restores its vigor, beauty and brightness. Its biodegradable formula has been designed for minimal impact on the environment. It does not burn the eyes.

DUCRAY Dexyane MeD 30ml $ 8,20 $ 11,88

Votes: 3 Ducray Dexyane MeD 30ml. Dexyane Med is a medical device capable of restoring the altered skin barrier and correcting dryness. It soothes itching and reduces the intensity of signs of inflammation (redness and irritation). It protects the skin and limits bacterial adhesion.

DUCRAY Argeal 200ml $ 10,45 $ 15,15

Votes: 4 Ducray Argeal 200ml. This shampoo with a rich consistency can be used for frequent use in alternation or in relais with Sabal shampoo. In addition to the Sabal serrulata extract, it contains sweet clay (Kaolin) which absorbs excess sebum, preventing it from migrating to the hair shaft.

DUCRAY Nutricerat Maschera Nutritiva 150ml $ 14,97 $ 21,69

Votes: 1 Ducray Nutricerat Maschera Nutritiva 150ml. Does hair need intense nourishment? Give them real restructuring care with the NUTRICERAT ultra-nourishing mask. The hair, restructured in depth and on the surface, regains all its softness and brightness.

DUCRAY Nutricerat Shampoo 200ml $ 10,45 $ 15,15

Votes: 2 Ducray Nutricerat Shampoo 200ml. care shampoo With a rich texture and a delicate scent, Nutricerat ultra-nourishing shampoo is formulated with a very delicate cleansing base that makes the hair soft and radiant. It provides dry hair with the essential nutrients it needs.

DUCRAY Dexyane Gel Detergente 400ml $ 14,97 $ 21,69

Votes: 4 Ducray Dexyane Gel Detergente 400ml. hygiene for gentle cleansing of very dry, atopic- prone skin

DUCRAY Dexyane Crema Emolliente 200ml $ 14,97 $ 21,69

Votes: 1 Ducray Dexyane Crema Emolliente 200ml. This emollient anti-scratching cream soothes the discomfort caused by dry skin. Effectively nourishes, restructures and soothes the skin. Its pleasant and non-sticky texture ensures a perfect balance between hydration and nourishment.

DUCRAY Sabal 200ml $ 10,45 $ 15,15

Votes: 1 Ducray Sabal 200ml. The hair has become dull, greasy, heavy. The more they wash, the more they tend to get dirty quickly… Sabal shampoo helps to normalize the overabundant production of sebum. Hair tends to get dirty less quickly. Hair regains all its beauty.

DUCRAY Kertyol P.S.O. 100ml $ 11,96 $ 17,33 Ducray Kertyol P.S.O. 100ml. Recommended in rebellious scaly states of the scalp and in localized conditions of the body (elbows, knees), Kertyol PSO, dermocosmetic cream, eliminates scales, helps normalize desquamation and soothes redness.

DUCRAY Ictyane Balsamo Labbra 15ml $ 6,85 $ 9,92

Votes: 2 Ducray Ictyane Balsamo Labbra 15ml. Its nourishing formula, associated with Hydroxydécine®, repairs lip dryness of physiological origin or induced by climatic aggression or drying treatments. The lips soon regain their softness, elasticity and comfort.

DUCRAY Keracnyl 10ml $ 9,70 $ 14,06 Ducray Keracnyl 10ml. imperfections cream A true SOS dermocosmetic treatment for localized use: to be applied directly on imperfections, to “dry” them and facilitate their disappearance.

DUCRAY Keracnyl PP+ 30ml $ 12,71 $ 18,42

Votes: 1 Ducray Keracnyl PP 30ml. blemish cream This dermo-cosmetic treatment benefits from the Myrtacine® New Generation innovation, as well as vitamin PP. It favors the reduction of imperfections and the tolerability of topical pharmacological treatments, while preventing the formation of residual marks.

DUCRAY Elution Shampoo 200ml $ 10,45 $ 15,15

Votes: 3 Ducray Elution Shampoo 200ml. The rebalancing shampoo Elution can be used alone, alternately and as a complement to anti-dandruff shampoos. Thanks to its active ingredients, such as the anti-dandruff piroctone olamine, the soothing glycine and the moisturizing vitamin B5, it helps to prolong the effectiveness of treatments against dandruff. Its effectiveness has been clinically proven.

DUCRAY Keracnyl Opacizzante 30ml $ 11,96 $ 17,33 Ducray Keracnyl Opacizzante 30ml. This day care moisturizes and mattifies oily skin with imperfections. Neutralizes the shiny effect with immediate and prolonged action, astring the pores at the same time.

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