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Cofanetto Fiocco - Acqua Profumata

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Fiocchi Di Riso - Cofanetto Fiocco - Acqua Profumata - IAFSTORE.COM
Cosmetic Kit
Pink Doudou set containing body and hair cleanser, intimate cleanser and changing paste. Specifically designed to protect the skin from birth.

Fiocchi di Riso Cofanetto Doudou Rosa contains:
-Body and hair cleanser talc 50 ml
-Intimate cleanser Mioderm 50 ml
-Change Paste 15 ml
-Pink Doudou: suitable for use from birth onwards. A soft soft toy to hug and easy to hold thanks to the bows on the end.

Talc Body and Hair Cleanser 50 ml:
Body and Hair Cleanser is an original preparation that takes care of baby's hair and skin: a single product with a specific cleansing action.
Its formulation with dermoaffin ingredients supports the formation of the acid mantle and helps restore it after bath time. Ideal from birth

Directions for use
Apply a small amount of product to the palm of a hand, mixing with a little warm water and apply to the whole of the baby's body, hair and scalp. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse with plenty of lukewarm water.

Mioderm Intimate Cleanser 50 ml
Mioderm Intimate Cleanser cleanses and respects the mucous membranes of the intimate parts with lactic acid from molasses and organic babassu oil. The active ingredients of natural origin are chosen to respect all skin types, even the most sensitive.
Its formulation with dermo-compatible plant ingredients, including certified organic babassu oil and extracts of cotton, rice and sesame, respects the mucous membranes of the intimate parts. Lactic acid from molasses promotes the maintenance of a protective acidic pH.
Mioderm Intimate Cleanser is an original preparation for baby hygiene, suitable for sensitive skin, which cleanses the urogenital area with gentle natural foaming agents and nourishes it with babassu oil. Suitable for cleansing at every nappy change.

How to use
Distribute directly onto the wet urogenital area, cleanse and rinse, then dry carefully. Indicated for frequent nappy changes: wash the affected area with the preparation, dry thoroughly and apply a small amount of Fiocchi di Riso Change Paste (or EMU paste in case of skin redness due to external agents) massaging lightly until completely absorbed.

Change Paste 15 ml
Change Paste helps protect the skin and naturally prevent skin redness, preserving the barrier function of the skin in intimate areas.
A protective anti-redness cream for baby's nappy change, formulated without zinc oxide.
Dermatologically tested formulation: the active ingredients of natural origin are chosen to respect all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Directions for use
Apply a small amount of Change Paste to the skin after each nappy change and after washing the intimate area with a mild intimate cleanser such as Mioderm Intimate Cleanser Rice Flakes. If the skin is reddened, alternate with the use of EMU paste, specific for soothing skin reddened by nappy rash or dermatitis.

NET QUANTITY: 50 + 50 + 15 ml

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