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Alternative sweeteners

Alternative sweeteners
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SOTTO LE STELLE Eritritolo in Polvere 400 grams $ 9,44 Sotto Le Stelle Eritritolo in Polvere 400 grams. Eritritolo in Polvere is characterized by a sweet and fresh taste that makes it a perfect substitute for classic sweeteners.

LA FINESTRA SUL CIELO Malto di Riso Bio 400 grams $ 3,71 La Finestra Sul Cielo Malto di Riso Bio 400 grams. malt La Finestra sul Cielo malts are obtained with the traditional method which involves adding sprouted barley (rich in enzymes) to a cooked cereal. A part of barley must always be present as an ingredient.

ERBAVOGLIO Organic Yacon Syrup 250 grams $ 16,01

Votes: 1 Erbavoglio Organic Yacon Syrup 250 grams. Yacon syrup originating in Peru is the best natural sweetener with the lowest glycemic index that exists in nature.

RAPUNZEL Sugarcane Molasses 300 grams $ 3,77

Votes: 8 Rapunzel Melassa di Canna da Zucchero 300g. Sugarcane Molasses

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