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Alternative sweeteners

Alternative sweeteners
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RAPUNZEL Sugarcane Molasses 300 grams $ 4,36

Votes: 8 Rapunzel Melassa di Canna da Zucchero 300g. Sugarcane Molasses

SOTTO LE STELLE Eritritolo in Polvere 400 grams $ 10,89 Coming soon Sotto Le Stelle Eritritolo in Polvere 400 grams. Eritritolo in Polvere is characterized by a sweet and fresh taste that makes it a perfect substitute for classic sweeteners.

LA FINESTRA SUL CIELO Malto di Riso Bio 400 grams $ 4,27 Not available La Finestra Sul Cielo Malto di Riso Bio 400 grams. malt La Finestra sul Cielo malts are obtained with the traditional method which involves adding sprouted barley (rich in enzymes) to a cooked cereal. A part of barley must always be present as an ingredient.

ERBAVOGLIO Organic Yacon Syrup 250 grams $ 15,01 $ 18,30

Votes: 1 Not available Erbavoglio Organic Yacon Syrup 250 grams. Yacon syrup originating in Peru is the best natural sweetener with the lowest glycemic index that exists in nature.